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News :: Politics
30 Apr 2006
Some photos of saturday's New York City anti-war march; estimated 300,000 people, 10 blocks long----and the NY Times didn't even post it on the front page---that's why we love Indymedia;it delivers the truth...
Click on image for a larger version

a few photos from saturdays anti-war march in NYC--estimated 300,000 people, 10 blocks long.

This work is in the public domain
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30 Apr 2006
thank you. Here's my letter to Jesse Jackson for explanation:
Yesterday I was one of 350,000 marchers at the anti-war rally in NYC. Rev. Jackson, I didn't see you, but Air America Radio just announced that you were a rally virtually untouched by the mainstream media, made remarkable by their absence. The press tent was empty by 4 pm, while hundreds of thousands milled around among the strangely non-antagonistic police. Has NYC found it too expensive to jail thousands of dissidents on specious charges? We came from all over the country, we represented all ages, and as we looked back from a hill in NYC, the march stopped--- as we laughed and cried at the sea of humanity behind us. When we finally stopped at Foley Park, there were marchers who had not even started back at the beginning of the parade, we were told by parade marshals.

So where was the media? How can this war criminal, this dufus of a president STILL have a 36% approval rating?
Yes, we have a nation of peasants, ignorant of world history, sheeple who blindly say "We must obey the president", as if he were the king. One reason for that , as the Nazis knew, and Stalin government control of the mainstream media. We are ruled by an oligarchy of corporate America...of whom Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice/Rove are only the longer a republic, and never a democracy.

Because of the disgusting propaganda meda, we have Air America Radio to listen to, as we turn on the TV and search in vain of news for such momentous events as the anti-war march I was in yesterday in NYC.
Susan Sarandon and Cindy Casey were there, as well, but the most impressive sight to me was the hundreds of thousands of people spending their Spring week-end for uncomfortable bus rides from all over the country to express their rage. Any politicians there? Nope. Silence. CBS? NBC? FOX? ABC? If they were there, I didn't see them, nor have I seen anything but a 1 sec. flash on ABC with NO comment.

One more thing: The war criminals who rule us are immoral, amoral and corrupt, but they are also brilliant in their strategy. Diversionary tactics are one of the specialty: anyone with half a brain knows the simple solution to illegal aliens: Proscecute the employers to the hilt, enforce the laws existing and jail the CEOs upon repeated infractions. Get rid of the john, you have no whores. And make those fines more than a slap on the wrist. Just as Corporate America (our actual rulers) only changes a lethal product when about $4 Million has been spent in fines or lawsuits, in the same way the employers won't stop having their meat hacked up by illegal aliens until it costs them more in fines than they save from employing Americans.

So, the protest against/for illegal immigrants is specious, draining energy away from the most barbaric activity going: our war in Iraq, soon to move into Iran ...slaughtering thousands of our children and creating terrorists daily as the Iraqis view their families eviscerated on the streets. Multiple protests on the same week-end tend to steal the emphasis for any one of them. Why not a mass protest against old age? It will do as much good as the protests against/for illegal aliens.

Why all the attention now on Darfur? Genocide has been going on in Africa for decades, and the media hasn't been so promoting before, with cute little girls talking about 'raising funds in my own community (a little coaching there, for shure)'. But there's oil there.....and our oil company rulers with their exorbitant profits while we pay $3.14 a gallon......want to control the oil reserves there, as well as in Iraq and Iran. So the Darfur protest has 2 paybacks: drain off support for the anti-war protest in NYC and prepare the American sheeple for an invasion of Africa, for good purposes of course. WE always invade another country, another continent to 'promote democracy', 'save the people', 'liberate the people', or 'libetate the Sudetenland' (oops, that was Hitler's reason for invasion). ABC doesn't get all cute about our anti-war protests ....about 3 seconds compared to several minutes on Darfur......unless there's a profit in it.

But the net effect of these other media-supported 'protests' is to drain interest away from the important protests: that against war that is taking funds from our atrocious health care system, our stupidity-inducing educational system, our tax-free, oil billionaires, our corrupt Congress/administration, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

Thank you, unknown American, for your poster showing those grotesque photographs of what we are doing in Iraq: bodies of what used to be human beings, their faces blown off, their intestines spilling out, blood everywhere. That's what we are doing every day. Until the sheeple have to face OUR COMPLICITY in the slaughter we are forcing our troops to perform, we'll continue to kill with impunity under the command of Donald Rumsfeld and the other chicken-hawks who have never seen combat.
Go to or the United for Justice and Peace web site for coverage. Photos later of the Fuck Bush sign under the black middle finger of the statue in front of the United State Court House, of the pie-splattered face of the Bush impersonator, of the Arab-robe--clad guy with the sign: "Support your war contractor: Halliburton and Bechtel".....and best of all, the combat-uniformed troops marching in front of me "Iraq Vets Against the War". You didn't hear our chants, you didn't see our street theater, but we were there......350,000 Americans united against this Unspeakably Obscene War.
30 Apr 2006
Please more, upload some more photos of yesterday
30 Apr 2006
yeah, and no one could have come to NYC from other states...
01 May 2006
The media doesn't cover your parade and you end up preaching to the converted.Yes it was all for fun.One big party to bash Bush,but the gangster government laughs at you powerless people.You can't even get 1 million people to show up in the most populated area of the US.Let's face the hard truth America doesn't care about the war.Peaceful protests are a waste of time,when your government is run by corrupt,greedy criminals .There's no democracy,your vote doesn't count,they fix the elections.Wake up and take your country back.Don't be scared of Revolution.The party is over.The time is now.Peaceful protests won't stop these dangerous criminals.Why can't you see your country has been taken over by fascists.It's a two party dictatorship.911 was an inside covert operation.Your government murdered 3,000 Americans.Read the Project for a New American Century.The lobby that runs the government and started the war,stated in it's recomendations that we needed to have another Pearl Harbor inorder to start the wars in the middle East and take full control of the US.These crazy fascists pulled it off and they left so many clues so everyone would know they did it.Why,because they want to scare you into total submission.The plan worked perfectly.If millions of angry Americans surrounded the Pentagon,White house and congress and refused to leave this might get their attention.The police would have to arrest thousands of protesters and the government would be shut down.This is what might start the revolution.Unfortunately,Americans aren't prepared for this kind of sacrifice.They would much rather have fun at peaceful legal parades.
01 May 2006
Alice dear do you expect that you a citizen marching within the law will have any effect over our rulers who openly and willfully brake the law? They send your children to die for their profits. They lie about it. They brake national and international law while piling up the profits in their pockets. And you expect them to pay any attention to you at all. You pay $3.14 a gallon so CEO of Exxon-moble can make $400 million a year salery. Do you think he cares about you and your march even if it was on TV.

The Boston tea party is remembered because it was an act that struck at the heart of the India tea company and dumped $10,000 in tea in the bay. That was quite a sum in it's day. Understand that the peaceful marches that started before the war began have had not much of an effect. Ciny Sheehan in Crwford looked Bush in the eye and he looked away. That had more impact then any protest I've marched in against this war.

Drag thousands of cars out of junkyards and use them the barracade NYC and stop the workers who feed the CEO's greed addiction and you will get your news story. Instead of seaching ABC, NBC and CBS for the report on your march turn your TV off. Do not buy from the companies that oppress you and do not rent yourself to them. If you do not your future and that of your children will not be different from that of the citizens of the countries that we destroy.

Their plan is to have 1% of the world rich and all the rest slaves. They lie, cheat, brake the law, torture, spy and go to war to do this. They care not for how many march in the street only those that attack their right to enslave us and deny them the money that feeds their greed. And you are paying for their addiction and their power with your taxes and the lives of your children. Consider throwing a little tea overboard.
Rumsfeld For President
01 May 2006
Continue to support those that you think you are protesting for! It gives our troops resolve to know that they are bringing freedom to other people around the world who will also some day have the right to protest openly and freely in their countries!
01 May 2006

did EVERYONE at the rally think building 7 collapsed from fire?
01 May 2006
Thanks for more photos. this is the only site I've found any photos of our 350,000 man protest.
Why doesn't have a NYC branch?
01 May 2006
Why is everything pictured about Bush and not the War in Iraq.

Is this just a Democratic Party campaign against a political opponent. At this point Bush is becoming more of a liability for the Capitalist Imperialists who run both parties.

The Democrats are promising to run a more efficient and well thought out War on Terror, and War on Iraq.

What's the point of focusing on one Capitalist politician? He can easily be replaced.
02 May 2006
well done, comrades of NYC.
02 May 2006
struggle base,,movemnt in the world must be unite and ,,,with the slogon of of DOWN WITH Bush Polocies.
02 May 2006
fuck bush and musharraf
09 May 2006
Hey Alice, love the photos and what they depict. I volunteer for the Melbourne based International Women's Development Agency and we are currently planning our Women's Eye on Peace II Photography Exhibition. It's a great exhibition, all funds going to a worthy cause and I think your photos would be perfect.
If you want some more info, or if anyone does for that matter, email me at lgill (at)
Cheers, Liz