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News :: Organizing
Let's Give Condi a Bostonian Welcome, Shall We?
03 May 2006
The 130th Commencement of Boston College will be held on Monday, May 22, 2006, with special Commencement Speaker, our darling Condi Rice. Make sure to wear your new shoes!
Commencement exercises are a two-part ceremony. The University Commencement will start with the procession at 9:30 a.m. followed by the ceremony at 10:00 a.m. and takes approximately two hours. The University Commencement is attended by all graduates. The President addresses the graduates, confers honorary degrees, and, through student representatives, confers the appropriate degrees on all graduates. The Commencement Speaker delivers the Commencement address. Diplomas are distributed to graduates at the diploma ceremonies.

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Re: Let's Give Condi a Bostonian Welcome, Shall We?
03 May 2006
Mass Global Action will host a city-wide planning meeting for the Rice visit protest; we will invite all the major coalitions, including our primary anti-war affiliation, the Greater Boston Stop the Wars Coalition. The meeting will take place at encuentro 5 (cinco) 33 Harrison Ave, 5th floor, Chinatown, Boston, MA 02111. It will be at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 9, 2006. An interim flyer will go out later this evening.
Re: Let's Give Condi a Bostonian Welcome, Shall We?
04 May 2006
"Should Condoleezza Rice speak at Commencement?"
Condi Worth Protesting? Not War Criminal Albright?
04 May 2006
Madeleine Albright has overseen policy for many more warcrimes than Condi Rice.

Sanctions, 100-hour bombing of Iraq in 1998, bombing of a Sudanese aspirin factory in 1998, and of course the Bosnian debacle.

She's speaking tonight at 6:30 at the First Parish Unitarian Church in Cambridge. Please consider heading down there to let her know what you think about her coming to Cambridge!

At the very least, call First Parish and tell them, never again!

Never again should we let a war criminal find comfort in Cambridge, Boston, or anywhere, this is a shameful thing for the church to allow on its premises!

First Parish Phone #: 617-876-7772
Ask for Linda Baker, or the Church director
Rice for President!
04 May 2006
Says it all!
Re: Let's Give Condi a Bostonian Welcome, Shall We?
04 May 2006
Whoever runs this website is practicing censorship. You delete everything you don't agree with, and it's bullshit. All you are is a bunch of local unemployed jerkoffs who hijacked the Indymedia site for Boston. You don't represent anyone, and your opinions are worthless, wingnut totalitarian PC leftism. You also have zero sense of humor.
Ask Condi How Much Money She Made From Her Oil Stocks.
04 May 2006
Condi sat on the board of Texaco for a while. She also is a member of PNAC. Considering her low-life, lying reputation? I'd say don't go to graduation. Have the college mail your diploma, degree or piece of paper.
Re: Let's Give Condi a Bostonian Welcome, Shall We?
04 May 2006
If she lost money on her oil stocks she would be one serious retard.
Re: Let's Give Condi a Bostonian Welcome, Shall We?
04 May 2006
Some would say that it is an honor that the secretary of state, the senior member of the Cabinet, speaks at a college. It makes a BC degree worth something. What secretary of state would self-destructive BC students NOT picket? Of course they might be history-challenged before 2000. But all of them since Stimson under Roosevelt in 1941 were interventionists, affiliated with the WASP Eastern Establishment or with the Bush family, with Wall st (Acheson and Vance) or with the foreign policy establishment centered at Harvard and Yale responsible for Vietnam, the Carter disaster in Iran which led to today's Persian Gulf crisis, and other power centers that the Left presumably finds distasteful.

News: The secretary of anything is going to represent someone you don't lke. So just relax.
In about 200 years the country will get a new constitution and maybe there won't be a secretary of state. Maybe no Bill of Rights either.
Re: Let's Give Condi a Bostonian Welcome, Shall We?
05 May 2006
You may not like her but she is a fine woman who can back up whatever she says. Can most of you say that?
RALLY (not protest): details
05 May 2006
from an email that's circulating around:

Dear members of the Boston College Community,
Right now, there are many students, faculty, alumni, parents in our community upset with the decision to bring Condoleezza Rice to our campus, but our activities have thus far not been as coordinated as well as they MUST be. After meeting with ODSD today, students (from the growing student movement against Rice's visit) recieved a permit to have a rally on Monday, May 8th @ 3PM in O'Neil Plaza to unify ALL MEMBERS OF BOSTON COLLEGE who are currently asking BC to rescind their invitation and honorary degree to Dr. Rice. Please do not reply all to this email regarding your opinions about Secretary Rice; that is NOT what this email is for. BUT, please DO reply to this email if you are interested in speaking at the rally! We invite all undergraduates, graduate students, faculty members, administrators, parents, alumni, etc. to please email us back at parikhre (at) if you would like to speak out at the rally against the decision to invite Dr. Rice here. We will honor as many requests to speak as we can!!
This is a wonderful opportunity to show the Boston College administraiton our power in NUMBERS. Our online petition is growing rapidly with over 900 signatures on it right now. We ask you professors and students to send the link to your colleagues an classmates at
We will provide you with more developments as they arise regarding this movement, but I repeat--PLEASE DO NOT REPLY ALL TO THIS EMAIL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If you are interested in speaking at the rally, please only contact me in our attempt not to flood everyone's inboxes.
MONDAY-------MAY 8TH, 2006--------3PM--------O'NEIL PLAZA--------BE HEARD!
Please pass along this announcement to keep the campus informed!
Boston College Students Against Condoleezza Rice at BC Commencement
Yo Get Sum Manners
05 May 2006
What are you afraid of? That she'll make a good impression?
Condi Lied About Yellow Cake Uranium. Remember?...
05 May 2006
Joe Wilson. Remember him? Valerie Plames hubby. He told Condi that the info she got on yellow cake was forged from Italy. She went along for the ride anyway. Bush, Cheney, Condi, Rummy, Powell. All lied to us and the U.N.!
If you can't take the truth? Read the Boston Herald!
The Condi-R/Jay-Z Remix Project
05 May 2006
I have a show on Somerville Comm. Access TV and made a multimedia mash-up combining her 9-11 Commission testimony with his hip-hop samples, so you'd get, " Qaeda, Iraq and WMD..." and "...instead of treated, we get tricked... give it to be, but don't BS me..."
the video is nightvision guncamera footage from the war. I do kids parties too!
Hey, Joey...
05 May 2006
Condi "Bucktooth" Rice is a criminal with no hope. Time to show the world what they already know.
Pull the cover off these scum, dregs of humanity. They all have one thing in common. Prison sentences.
Re: Let's Give Condi a Bostonian Welcome, Shall We?
06 May 2006
Why do liberals toss out the word "criminal" so easily against their political opposites? When a black kid with a mile long record is arrested for doing what he's done for years, liberals are wailing that it is a "youth" and the crime is alleged and that the details of the predator's activities be kept confidential.

We must stop cirminalizing people we disagree with. Just argue the facts and clearly point out where they are wrong and what you would do instead. Calling someone a war criminal is meaningless and paltry in impact.
Re: Let's Give Condi a Bostonian Welcome, Shall We?
06 May 2006
For those who wish to prevent Administration speakers from addressing their colleges, i have a question: what are you going to do the next time a wealthy capitalist offers to donate a large gift to your school? The money came, according to Marxist theory, from the exploitation of labor. Why should it subsidize privileged college students?
Re: Let's Give Condi a Bostonian Welcome, Shall We?
06 May 2006
I cant believe that racist misogynistic rhetoric like this is allowed to exist on the BIMC website. The editors should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this. This is an AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN who has reached the highest pinnacle of world power and you RACIST BASTARDS want to suppress her! Doctor Rice represents LIBERATION for AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN and you BIMC EDITORS are persecuting her. You are just a bunch of Lilly white rich kids who have no idea what it is like to be a woman of color. Look in the mirror at your pasty white skin. Hang your heads in shame. You are not journalists. You are BIGGOTS.
Re: Let's Give Condi a Bostonian Welcome, Shall We?
06 May 2006
Laquisha: We are NOT "biggots". We are bigots, thank you very much. Also, why do so many black women have "a" at the end of their name? It is a giveaway on correspondence or phone calls that you are black. People think that names that are made-up African names repersent people who are morons. Names like Judith, Jane, Susan and Karen infer normal American valeues, regardless of race. Ijust thought you would like to know this because you can't spell and you have a black name so it is probably impossible for you ever to make more than seven dollars an hour.

I like Dr. Rice even if she was too stupid to see 9/11 coming although she had evidence right in front of her nose. GW really has the hots for her so basically she can be as dumb as she is and get
away with anything.