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News :: Human Rights
RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
03 May 2006
An art exhibit to show the work of Palestinian children from Aida refugee camp was showing at Brandeis University. Opening night was Thursday, April 27. Over the weekend, an administrator (Daniel Terris) called Lior (the organizer) asking her to end the show prematurely due to angry complaints from zionist parents and the like (details at link below). Lior refused but nevertheless the art was taken down Sunday without notice.
This art is offensive? ... because these refugee children dream of returning to their villages in what is now called Israel?? Use the interactive presentation to view sample artwork and judge for yourself.

Join a PROTEST at Brandeis on Thursday, May 4th - 12 noon. Bring you signs if you can. We will reclaim the art then!

Location: the square in front of the main library, Farber library.


Write to Daniel Terris and tell him what you think of this travesty. Daniel Terris: terris (at), 781-736-8577.

More info including a great preview of the children's art:
(many thanks to pf soto!)
See also:

This work is in the public domain
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Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
03 May 2006
indy media report on the protest:

Palestine Youths Art Censorship: Protest at Brandeis

also see The Lost Palestinian Exhibit:

Yo only wish u wir at Brandeis
03 May 2006
once Brandeis ok'd the exhibit it should have gone ahead. Brandeis has a tradition of dissent and airing of various views. Having said that, it is amusing to see defenders of islamic fanaticism attack "zionist" parents (does the attacker mean "Jewish" as Brandeis is 55% Jewish). I would like the attacker "yo" to refer us to a university in the Arab world that has the intellectual diversity (including critics of Israel) that Brandeis has. Famous professors like Herbert Marcuse and Kurt Wolff who have taught at Brandeis would have been tortured and executed in Arab countries which the Palesitinian radicals and islamists admire.

You only wish that Arab universities were like Brandeis. Or most American universities were like Brandeis. Or for that matter, that the American voting public were like the students at Brandeis and their "zionist" parents. The left would have had and would have a bit more success than it has had under the "masses" of America, whether Black, White or Hispanic.

Jews are the most progressive, liberal bloc in the nation. Maybe too liberal and Progressive! Without question. SoYo, lay off the snide bigoted "zionist" crap.
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
03 May 2006
Samah al-Azza, 13, created this painting for an exhibit at Brandeis that was later removed. (Globe Photo)
The Boston Globe
Brandeis pulls artwork by Palestinian youths
School says show was one-sided

By Michael Levenson, Globe Staff | May 3, 2006

A bulldozer menaces a girl with ebony pigtails, who lies in a pool of blood. A boy with an amputated leg balances on a crutch, in a tent city with a Palestinian flag. A dove, dripping blood, perches against blue barbed wire.

Palestinian teenagers painted those images at the request of an Israeli Jewish student at Brandeis University, who said she wanted to use the art to bring the Palestinian viewpoint to campus. But university officials removed the paintings four days into a two-week exhibition in the Brandeis library.

University officials said the paintings depicted only one side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Lior Halperin, the student who organized the exhibit, said the university censored an alternative view.

Now, Brandeis is embroiled in a debate about how to portray Palestinian perspectives on a campus where 50 percent of the students are Jewish and where passions about the Middle East run deep. Six to a dozen students at the Waltham university complained about the paintings, which were hung on Wednesday and removed Saturday.

The controversy occurs at a sensitive time for the campus, which has angered some students and Jewish groups with the appointment of a prominent Palestinian scholar and with a partnership with Al-Quds University, an Arab institution.

''This is outrageous," Halperin said yesterday. ''This an educational institution that is supposed to promote debate and dialogue. Let's talk about what it is: 12-year-olds from a Palestinian refugee camp. Obviously it's not going to be about flowers and balloons."

Halperin said she is working with an Arab student organization at MIT to display the 17 paintings there, as early as tomorrow.

Brandeis officials said they wanted to make sure the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is presented in a balanced manner.

''It was completely from one side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and we can only go based on the complaints we received," said Dennis Nealon, a Brandeis spokesman. ''People were saying: (a) what is this; (b) what is it trying to say; and (c) should there be some sort of balancing perspective here?" Nealon said that the university would consider displaying the artwork again in the fall, alongside pieces showing the Israeli point of view.

Brandeis, a nonsectarian institution, was founded in 1948, by American Jews seeking to establish a university free from the quotas that Jews faced at elite colleges.

Halperin created the exhibit as her final project for a class called ''The Arts of Building Peace," which explores how music, painting, and poetry can help resolve conflicts. She contacted a friend who works in a refugee camp in Bethlehem and asked her to invite teenagers there to paint images of Palestinian life.

Halperin, 27, an Israeli Army veteran, received images of planes dropping bombs, snakes, and a famous scene of a father and child cowering from gunfire near Gaza City in September 2000. In her ''Voices from Palestine" exhibit, she hung the paintings near the names and photos of the young artists and synopses of their hopes and dreams. A Palestinian psychologist and a child-care worker spoke at an opening reception.
''This was, for me, an opportunity to bring to Brandeis the Palestinian voice that is not spoken or heard through an Israeli or an American Jew, but directly delivered from Palestinians," Halperin said. ''Obviously, that was just too much for Brandeis."

Within days, students complained to the university that the exhibit was jarring and lacked context and reference to the Israeli point of view.

Dmitry B. Vilner, 19, a sophomore, said he found it ''utterly ludicrous to find these hung up with no explanation." Vilner said, ''I was very surprised that it would appear at Brandeis, because Brandeis is a traditionally Jewish, pro-Israel campus."

Vilner and his roommate, Alan D. Meyerson, 19, e-mailed an administrator to ask why the exhibit was on display. ''There's a certain line that's crossed when it no longer becomes a fair debate, but it becomes a one-sided attack against a nation and a people," Meyerson said, ''and that was very much the case with these images."

Last weekend, administrators in charge of student affairs decided that the paintings should come down, with the support of Daniel Terris, director of the university's International Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life. The center sponsored Halperin's class. ''If students are reacting in a strong and negative way, with no context and no structure to have a meaningful conversation . . . you can do more harm than good," said Terris, who said he asked Halperin to voluntarily take the paintings down. ''I advised her that I thought it was undermining the long-term goal of making more space for Palestinian voices on campus."

On Saturday evening, after Halperin refused to stop the exhibit, administrators removed the artwork, provoking an immediate response. Students said they circulated e-mails debating whether the decision was about censorship, sensitivity, fairness, or cowardice.

''I would like to think of my university as a place that is open to discussion, and I see art as one of the purest forms of discussion we can have," said Aaron Voldman, 19, a freshman who is Jewish and active in a student peace group. ''As we are members of a Jewish institution, where the Israeli support is very strong, the conversation is not quite as open as it possibly could be."

Ralph Ranalli of the Globe staff contributed to this report. Michael Levenson can be reached at mlevenson (at)
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
03 May 2006
Brandeis pulls Palestinian art from exhibit
By Associated Press
Wednesday, May 3, 2006 - Updated: 11:39 AM EST

WALTHAM - The removal of artwork sparks a censorship debate on a college campus.
Brandeis University officials removed from an exhibit in the school’s library images that depict Palestinian children bloodied and injured.
The paintings by Palestinian teenagers were requested by Lior Halperin, an Israeli Jewish student at Brandeis who wanted to bring the Palestinian viewpoint to campus.
But school officials say the paintings were too one-sided and they were removed four days into a two-week exhibit.
Halperin calls the school’s action “outrageous.”
Brandeis was founded in 1948 and is the only nonsectarian Jewish-sponsored college in the U.S. Half of its students are Jewish.
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
04 May 2006
Brandeis University Removes Palestinian Youth Art Exhibit
And finally, in Boston, a free speech controversy has erupted at Brandeis University over the removal of an exhibition featuring the paintings of Palestinian youths. The exhibit’s 17 paintings depicted the young artists’ perspectives on life under Israeli military occupation. But just four days into a two-week run, the exhibit was removed by Brandeis officials after several complaints from students. A university spokesperson said the school would consider re-mounting the paintings if they were to appear alongside paintings showing an Israeli perspective. The exhibition was curated by an Israeli Jewish student who said she wanted to showcase a Palestinian perspective on campus. The student, Lior Halperin, said: ''This was an opportunity to bring to Brandeis the Palestinian voice that is not spoken or heard through an Israeli or an American Jew, but directly delivered from Palestinians. Obviously that was just too much for Brandeis."
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
04 May 2006
rockhead, you halfwit, the people who organized the show, and who initiated the public actions after the censorship, are themselves jewish and israeli. and since when does defending free speech at a massachusetts university make someone a "defender of islamic fanaticism"? is it really one-sided to show pictures drawn by pre-teens in a refugee camp?

this call for a 'balanced' viewpoint is ludicrous- one zionist student at brandeis even went so far as to call the paintings an "attack against a nation and a people". what a load of malarkey- it appears that zionists, much like their american-supremacist counterparts, are too thin-skinned to take even a small dose of the 'democracy' medicine they prescribe for everyone else. bunch of punks.
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
04 May 2006
Why is Brandeis so scared to show the reality of Palestinian children's lives under Israeli occupation?Most of these children suffer from PTS {post traumatic stress syndrome} from experiencing everyday violence and humiliation at the hands of the Israeli military.This is something certain Jewish Americans don't want to see.They would rather stay in denial about what the occupation does to Palestinian children.Censorship will not hide this painful truth.
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
04 May 2006
If Nazi propagandists were the only ones allowed to tell thier story, they would come out looking pretty sweet too. Who would expect Zionists and thier supporters to want the truth to be known?
The World IS Round: You Begin Where You End
04 May 2006
Shell, critics of the Palestine "art" are a bunch of punks? Thoughtful. I said that I thought Brandeis should have kept the show once it was up. Obviously (or not so obviously to simple souls like the narrow-visioned Troll) the description of who suffered when and how long in Palestine is a complex issue, with overlapping and contradictory arguments by all peoples concerned. I would have preferred the exhibit to be a launch pad for vigorous, honest, spirited and thoroughly researched debate. Additional art, drama and readings by all sides would be welcome in my view.

Unfortunately, whatever mistake the Brandeis administration has made in taking the exhibit down is compounded by you and your anti-Israeli colleagues who don't want a real multi-dimensional debate and opportunity for partisans to view art and information from different perspectives.
Exhibit Now @ MIT
04 May 2006
Voices from Palestine: Aida Refugee Camp Children Speak Out

Come join us for a RECEPTION celebrating the opening of the week-long art exhibit

Thursday, May 4th 4:30: opening & reception
May 4th thru May 11th: exhibit open to the public
MIT Stata Center, Building No. 32
First floor TSMC lobby

For help locating Building 32, see

In Conjunction with MIT Palestine Awareness Week 2006
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
04 May 2006
What is offensive are politicians and their intellectual stooges in "Palestine" and in the US who teach helpless Palestinian refugee kids that they are going to live in places that they will never live in. The reality is that the Israeli Arabs who today are citizens of Israel will live if they wish in Israel. Those who are the grandchildren or great grandchilren or descendents of individuals who left British administered Palestine in 1948,k for whatever reason, do not have Israeli citizenship, and there is no chance, short perhaps of theri marriage to an Israeli citizen, of their "return". Refugees are not new. Millions were displaced in Europe and Asia after World War II and the Korean War, and resettled in nations other than their original residence. One can criticize how history was writen or happened. But Israel is here to stay. It is cruel to get kids to paint pictures of an Oz/Over the Rainbow Land that does not and will not exist.

I'm sure the Iroquois would like New York state back; it is not going to happen either.
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
04 May 2006
Please update us about the rally.
Was the artwork returned?

Shame on those racist parents who would complain about Palestinian children's art. They are the moral equivalent of Nazis. Shame!
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
04 May 2006
Ms. Karin F: a parent is a racist because (1) ignorant refugee children are used to promote extremist causes, (2) the paintings present a distorted view of a complex problem, and (3) the parent complains about the misused and propaganda-like art? What the parents did was not racist as you laxly allege, but rather was Free Speech, an idiosyncratic practice fostered and developed in the United States, a nation leftists now call nazi fascist, and racist. Indeed, the typical Brandeis "parent" knew nothing and many cared nothing about this nonsensical controversy.

Your right, ms. karin, to disagree with the parents also is called free speech. But you don't merely disagree with cessation of the exhibit; you recklessly sling slurs like "racist". An untrue written idamaging character allegation is libel. Libel however is not free speech in this very tolerant land, and is even less tolerated in other lands (you know, the ones where a prophet misogynist pig can't be criticized).

The Left is as intolerant of disagreement as its bogeyman/person - the so-called "zionists" - who it is claimed are intolerant of any debate about Israeli policies. Moreoveer, "zionists" are meanies - they won't let little kids' paintings hang at Brandeis, as though Brandeis, which has by the way an excellent art museum, has to let anybody's painting of anything hang. (That's called Freedom, Ms. Karin.)
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
05 May 2006
John R Hose wrote:

> Many alumni, students, and others have contacted the administration
> in response to the story that was originally carried in the Boston
> Globe on Wednesday, May 3. The statement below explains the
> decision, which led the administration to take the action it did in
> this case.
> The decision to take down the Palestinian picture exhibit has been
> seriously misunderstood and mistakenly characterized as censorship.
> Brandeis encourages serious discussion of all issues, including many
> that are sensitive, controversial or even painful. For that very
> reason, the University pays careful attention to the time, place and
> manner in which exhibits, debates, talks, etc. occur. The concern is
> heightened when public space at the University is being used. In
> this case, a grouping of Palestinian drawings was hung recently in
> the Goldfarb library. The drawings were part of a Brandeis student's
> class project. The student described the installation as a way to
> "bring into the Brandeis community a different narrative about the
> Palestinian-Israeli conflict." The timing (in this case, immediately
> before final examinations) and physical location of an exhibit often
> require as much discussion before being undertaken as the exhibit
> itself. In the absence of any larger educational context, various
> administrators received reports that some students found the exhibit
> confusing and upsetting. Out of concern for the community, the
> University elected to take down the pictures at this time. In this
> case, as in any other, it would be our hope that interested faculty
> and students would come together to create an exhibit or event that
> would allow for thoughtful discussion around the points that the
> student had hoped to communicate. The University's concern
> throughout has been on ensuring a context and basis for discussion,
> not "balance," as has been mistakenly assumed by many who have
> John Hose
> *******************
> Dr. John R. Hose
> Associate Vice President
> for University Affairs;
> Brandeis University
> 415 South Street, MS 100
> Waltham, MA 02453
> hose (at)
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
05 May 2006
Iroquois would want New York back. Thanks for comparing Zionists to our murderous thieving anscestors. In doing so, you also made it clear that Democrap and Republitrash support for the murderous thieving Zionist crusader's war of conquest against our palestinian neighbors is also an offense and that Democraps and Republitrash have sold out Ame5rica's peace by reloading the murderous thieving Zionist crusader's guns as fast as they unload them into Palestinians.

Zionism is an offense. And like nazi propagandists, Zionists and thier propagandists do not wish the offensive nature of the Zionist's offenses to be properly understood by the ignorant masses who's whore politicians sell out thier country's peace for thier own political gain. the less voters know about the true offensive nature of Zionism, the MORE likely they are to vote for whore politicians who support the offenses of ZIonists.

Zionist propagandists do not try to limit understanding of the offense of Zionism because it makes them feel bad, but because they get less support when the truth is known.
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
05 May 2006
I was at said rally. I have filed a headline with Free Speech Radio News for tonight,
and more extensive coverage on Free of Form, WMFO, 91.5FM tonight between 10 and 11pm, as well as on What's Left, WMBR, 88.1FM Sunday 11:30AM - 1:00pm
Archieves of both shows are available for at least 1 week after broadcast at stations respective web-sites.,
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
05 May 2006
Palestinian art exhibit removed at Brandeis
By Christopher Rocchio / Daily News Staff
Thursday, May 4, 2006 - Updated: 03:06 AM EST

WALTHAM -- A Brandeis sophomore said she is outraged that an exhibition she organized showcasing the artwork of Palestinian children from a refugee camp was pulled by university officials last weekend.
In response, several campus groups, including the Radical Student Alliance and the Activist Resource Center, said they planned to protest today at noon in front of the Farber Library where the exhibit opened on April 26.
"I never expected the exhibition to be taken down," said Lior Halperin. "The mission statement of this educational institution is ’truth unto its innermost parts,’ and the fact that the exhibit was taken down behind my back is the absolute opposite of that statement."
The exhibition was scheduled for a two-week showing.
A college spokesman said the exhibit, which some may interpret as anti-Israeli, was pulled because it contained insufficientto provide "con."
Images in the exhibition, which were created by Palestinian teenagers, ranged from a tank rolling down the street and a bulldozer moving a bloody body, to an olive branch with the word "peace" written in numerous colors and a mother cradling a child under a tree.
University spokesman Dennis Nealon said the exhibition was removed from the library because the university had received a number of complaints about the images not being accompanied by enough information about their meaning.
"Con is everything, and immediately after the exhibit was pulled, faculty members began to discuss showing it in another fashion," said Nealon. "Unfortunately because the semester is near completion, we didn’t have the opportunity to plan to show it in an educational con."
Nealon said the university is being unfairly portrayed.
"Brandeis never banned or confiscated the artwork," said Nealon. "It’s unfortunate and untrue that the university’s decision is being labeled as censorship."
He said the exhibit is being stored for safekeeping.
Halperin explained the genesis of the exhibition.
Halperin said she recently took a class at Brandeis called "The Art of Building Peace," and its objective was for students to find ways to use art to foster peace and promote conflict resolution.
Originally from Israel, Halperin said she thought the Palestinian voice was absent on the Brandeis campus. She said the exhibit was a chance to fill that void.
She contacted a friend who works as director of a cultural center in Bethlehem. Together, the two conceived the idea for the exhibit. Palestinian children at the center expressed what everyday life is like for them through art, and describe their hobbies and career aspirations, which were included in Halperin’s exhibition.

"It gave them an opportunity to share their feelings with the world," said Halperin.
The artwork arrived at Brandeis from Israel through funding from the university, according to Halperin. She said the exhibition opened on April 26. The opening featured three Palestinian speakers who work with children in Israel. She described the opening as beautiful, and said it was attended by approximately 35 people.
"I knew the issues contained in the exhibition would be troubling to many community members, but I thought it would be the beginning of debate and dialogue about the different themes," said Halperin.
She said that dialogue never happened because four days later, she received a call from Daniel Terris, Brandeis’ director of the International Center for Ethics, and was asked if the exhibit could be taken down. Terris’ office referred calls to Nealon.
"(Terri) told me the exhibition had been creating a mushroom (cloud) of criticism and asked me to take it down," said Halperin. "It was an attempt to silence and censor me, and I refused to do it."
After obtaining permission to show the exhibition in the university’s library, Halperin said officials went behind her back to remove it once they received criticism.
"Of course, the images in the exhibit touch upon issues that are complicated, hurtful and hard to deal with," said Halperin. "For the kids that created them, they’re not just images, but daily life."
Nealon said the complaints received about the exhibition could not be ignored and there was no alternative except to remove it.
"A decision had to be made, and in this instance, it was not an easy one," he said.
Halperin said the artwork will be taken to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where it will be displayed.
Christopher Rocchio can be reached at 781-398-8009 or crocchio (at)
Hands off My Feathers!
05 May 2006
I doubt Troll, that the iroquois would want NY back. It is a high tax, overcrowded state with significant future fiscal issues because of an aging population and a growing population under 16 of primarily poorer immigrant and african american children. The iroquois do not want to support someone else's incapcity to use birth control. Anyway the Iroquois weren't pacifists.

News Flash to Troll: Every nation is occupied by people whose ancestors took the land by force.

it's called History. Israel and NY won't be around forever, nothing is. But my point was that the Palestinians are not going to replace Israel anytime soon by any rational analysis. Whether you like that or not is of utterly no concern or value to me. I suggest the Palestinians offer to populate someplace like Mozambique which could be prosperous with enterprising people.o
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
05 May 2006
Not every nation. The Zionists are not descended from murderous thieves. Zionists ARE murderous thieves. Well, i guess that is wrong too. ZIonists, in addition to being descended from murderous thieving Hebrew invadors of the land are murderous thieves of the land themselves who have never stopped stealing Palestinian lands since 1948 and have never hesitated to murder palestinians who resist the Zionist's continueing theft of Palestinian lands (even as you read these words) as well as palestinians whom the ZIonist crusaders decide are just in the wrong place.

And palestinians ARE victims of Zionist offenses. Not just descended from victims of ZIonists. Zionists didn't end thier murderous thefts of palerstinian lands in 1948. Zionists STARTED thier murderous thefts of palestinian lands in 1948.

Nazis didn't willing leave the lands of thier neighbors which they occupied EITHER. Just because Zionists are not willing to be anything other than murderous thieves is no reason to appease the offense of ZIonism. And it sure as hell doesn't make the support that Democraps and Republitrash give to murderous thieving Zionist crusaders any less of an offense.

If Democraps and Republitrash whore politicians selling out America's peace for thier own political gain is of no concern or value to you, well then, DON'T witness against thier offensive support of murderous thieves. Just sit back and watch the hatred created by thier offensive support of murderous thieving ZIonist crusaders get MORE Americans targeted by that hatred in the form of terrorism. Pop some corn and enjoy the show. But I am not going to just be a specator when Democraps and Republitrash sacrifice thier fellow American's lives for thier own political gain.
But Why Are U Really Angry?
06 May 2006
Obviously many people, including strong critics do not share your affective behavior, that is, rage and mixture of racial stereotype with political criticism. The result is turgid prose. Your main point becomes your anger, not the content of what you strive to express.

The vast majority of israelis and palestinians are not easily labelled villains. But they suffer from labelling by extremists like you whose anger precedes rational analysis of how to solve the problem at hand. I do not agree with you that there is a problem that justifies expression of rage at your level. But you unwittingly aid the forces you claim to oppose by a rambling, angry stream of epithets. Someone needs to solve the problem of social disorder and terrorism (however you define it) in the Middle East. It will not be you or those who substitute namecalling and hate language for practical solutions. The people of the Middle East in general are ike anyone else. Their priorities are jobs, security, and spirtiual satisfaciton. Peace, not turbulence, is a prerequisite for establishment of societies where normal human needs prevail.
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
06 May 2006
Troll: You are a naive soul. Every land is inhabited by peopel who came from somewhere else. Even the saintly NATIVE Americans are no more native to "America" than mastedons. Or you. diplomacy is prefereable to war, absolutely. What evolutionary trends over history demonstrate that Everyone, not just your very own castration complex called "zionism" has forced someone else out of original territory or forced them to share. You do believe in Evolution? Maybe not. You sound a tad like the harsh, grim proponents of "intelligent design". Is your real name Franklin Graham? You do have a lot in common.
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
06 May 2006
What, are you saying that not ALL Zionists have personaly murdered a Palestinian to steal Palestinian lands? Well, not ALL Nazis personaly murdered Czechs or Poles to steal thier homelands either. But noone has a problem understanding that Nazis were murderous thieves.

I never heard any stories about Oscar Schindler personaly murdering a Poles to steal Polish property. Schnidler, like the vast majority of Zionists in Zionist occupied Palestine, never personaly murdered anyone to steal the palestinian's property. But Nazis were murderous thieves of thier neighbor's lands just as Zionists ARE murderous thieves of Palestinian lands.

Most Zionists follow those Zionists who DO (still) carry guns and DO (still) murder Palestinians to steal palestinian lands just as the nazi Schindler followed the Nazis who DID carry guns and DID murder Poles. Zionist crusaders who follow Zionists who do thier killing for them to FEAST off the misery of the vaquished Palestinians are as entitled to the lands they occupy as Oscar Schindler is entitled to occupy Polish property. After all, nazi generals gave Schindler and the other Nazi opportunists a piece of paper saying they owned the property just as Zionit generals give Zionist crusaders similar pieces of meaningless paper.

And the nazi flag flew over Nazi occupied Poland just as the ZIonist crusader's flag flys over ZIonist occupied palestine. The Zionist's flag flying over ZIonist occupied palestine doesn't make the ZIonist's murderous theft of palestinian lands any less of an offense any more than the Nazi's flag flying over Poland made the Nazi's murderous theft of Polish lands less of an offense.

As you can see, it is very easy to lable all Zionists as villians. The laws we demand for our own protection varify that we understand that fact.

If you were the get away driver in a bank robbery, and one of your gang killed a bank guard or a teller or one of the patrons, it wouldn't matter one itty bitty bit that you didn't personaly kill them. You would be charged in thier death along with everyone in the gang. Democraps and Republitrash would also be charged under the laws we demand for our own protection. Giving guns and bullets to known murderous thieves knowing full well that the murderous thieves were useing your aid in murderous theft would make them conspirators too. Don't pretend you don't understand when the laws we demand for our own protection varify that fact. It will just make you look even more disingenuous than you already appear.

And there happens to be a big differance between being descended from murderous thieves and actualy being a murderous thief. Since Zionists have never ended thier murderous theft of more and more Palestinian lands, they are multiple generations of murderous thieves. What? Do you think that because General Custer was born in ohio that he and his troops and the Americans who supplied him with weapons of death and destruction that he was something other than a murderous thief of native AMerican lands???
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
06 May 2006
I agree the Jews are vastly superior to the Arabs and Israel is proof.Look how well we've done in the U.S. We have congress eating out of our hands and giving us anything we want.Money and weapons all to protect our holy land.We even convinced some very strange evangelical christians that Israel is where the second coming of christ will take place and now they give us millions of dollars and hate the Arabs as much as we do.I am so glad so many christians are willing to kill and die for Israel in Iraq and hopefully in Iran.The U.S. military is doing a good job of destoying our enemies in Iraq.The media and hollywood we own that to and our favorite son of Israel is the head of the World Bank Paul Wolfowitz.Our plan is working to perfection.We have our people in positions of power in the government and corporations and support for Israel has never been stronger.Can't you see people like you are so powerless and insignificant compared to our holy crusade.We will shut you up and censor you when ever we want.There is nothing you can do about it.Get a life!!
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
06 May 2006
Who can do battle with such a beast?

Yep, it is happening just like the prophets said it would. And we are to see who can do battle with such a beast. The book of Revalations (appocolyps to yous catholics) sure has your number.
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
07 May 2006
As can be verified by syntactical analysis, the "post" by "Rockhead" dated 5/6 that claims Jews are "vastly superior" was writtten by an imposter. Most likely someone who does not wish a peaceful civilized solution to the Israel Palestine dispute. I support the right of Israel to exist. I wish that an alternative to displacement of Palestinians had been found in 1948. The problem that exists in Palestine was caused by the adherence of both sides to their own national interests. That was not immoral of either side. But failure to compromise in the face of strong competing claims inevitably means continued violence to resolve problems that might have been avoided.

I condemn any claim of Jewish supeeriority over Arabs. I condemn the obstinacy of some (not all) Arabs to consider any viable Jewish state in Israel.

I condemn imposters on this website. Make a fool of yourself under your own or a unique identity. Hands off my name. Few of you write as well as me. Your clumsy rhetoric resonates with mental clutter that resides in your brain, not mine.

Regards to all
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
07 May 2006
another informer colleageu of mine: Troll.

Yes he is a devout Christian. Note how his last site gushes over the so-called sacred book of Revelations. The New Testament is a fabrication by disgruntled jews whose corrupt financial transactions were resisted by elements in the Galilee agricultural worker class of the first century AD.

Troll is an ex-seminarian who receives orders directly from a secret Catholic society dedicated to suppressing any dissent. Beware of this fanatic priest!
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
07 May 2006
Well, after you fail to trash anything I wrote, you finaly attack the fact that I am a Christian. Wow. Are we ever so impressed by your anti-nomalist "values".
Re: RALLY Thursday 5/04 Brandeis for Palestinian Children
07 May 2006
RockHead has the nerve to refer to the Zionist's bloodsoaked invasion of Palestine as a nationalist "dispute". Nazi invasion of Poland was also a "dispute" but noone says the Nazi invasion of Poland was "not immoral". Since when is an invasion anything other than "immoral" and an offense???

You support Israel's alleged right to exist. Fine. Lets hear about it. Tell us what gives ZIonists a birthright of murderous theft of even 1 single rock in Palestine. Is it because hebrews were once murderous thieves of the land too??? Is it because interloapers (england and the 55 member Judeo-christian dominated 1947 UN ) drew a line accross a map of Palestine and gave ZIonist invadors thier blessings for ZIonists to be murderous thieves of Palestinian lands???

What do you mean when you say "Israel" has a right to exist??? Are you really just saying that a jewish country has a right to exist??? Well, wether or not a Jewish country has a right to exist is an issue you can debate without even mentioning the Palestinians. It is a philosophical question at best. BUT, wether or NOT Zionists have a right to be murderous thieving invadors of palestinian lands, with or without the blessings of interloaper power brokers, is a REAL WORLD issue.

So tell us. What did you mean when you said you support Israel's alleged right to exist??? Are you ONLY addressing the phiolsophical issue of wether or not a Jewish country has a right to exist, or are you honestly saying Zionists have a birthright of murderous theft of Palestinian lands???