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MIT World Bank protest photos
07 Jun 2002
Modified: 13 Jun 2002
Photo from the World Bank protest at the MIT commencement ceremony today, taken by a bystander with a good digital camera.
Photo from the World Bank protest at the MIT commencement ceremony today, taken by a bystander with a good digital camera.
For more photographs, visit the photographer's website, which should be listed below.

I was there personally, and I was shocked by police presence. They made a total fool of themselves. They shocked bystanders who were not part of the protest, and made them wonder what was so dangerous as to demand so many cops in full riot gear, spending their tax money and preventing them from walking on the PUBLIC sidewalks to see their family graduate.

I was also struck by the inherent paradox in what the Cambridge police announcer was saying on the bullhorn: "You have a right to protest, and a right to peacably assemble. However, you have no permit to hold a parade or an assembly." Does this make sense to anybody? Do you have a permit to speak? Do you have a permit to breathe? Utah Phillips: "Free speech is something you're born with, like your ears or your nose. It's not something the state gives you." I want to know why people posing no physical threat to anyone were not allowed to walk on public sidewalks -- not even those shouting slogans, but people who wanted to walk around with signs quietly, not disrupting the graduation.

Ahh... such is the 21st century U.S. police state. A lesson learned once again.
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Thank God They're Incompetent
08 Jun 2002
See also:
where did they come from?
08 Jun 2002
I was there at the protest as well and I want to know two things: 1) Where in blazes did the Cambridge city police get so many riot cops? I mean, do they actually train Cambridge police in this stuff regularly? Or did they spend Cambridge tax-payers money to import them? 2) Don't the Cambridge city police report to the Cambridge city government? The city government passed a resolution denouncing the World Bank and to boycott its bonds (from which it gets 80% of its money). And there the cops are "protecting" the president of the same institution from a small, legal protest.
08 Jun 2002
i just went into the site with all the MIT pics. my question is, why are all the pics of just the cops? why are there no pics of the actual protesters? doesn't seem to make much sense to me. In fact, no offense, but it's pretty damn stupid in my view to only show one side of the story. almost reminds me of the corporate media. I'm not trying to be insulting, i'm just a little annoyed, that's all.
answered your own question
08 Jun 2002
If you look again at the photos you can see the protestors. Unfortunately there are not too many visible because of all the damn cops. So what is really stupid? Covering a non-event? or the ridiculous police presence? It's that way at every protest.
on the origins of cambridge riot cops
09 Jun 2002
Rumor has it that the cops got all this riot gear for
last month's Festival del Pueblo, but turned out not to
need it, surprise, surprise. They got called out on Friday
by some asshole MIT dean who wanted to show off the size of
his bureaucratic cock.
09 Jun 2002
Oh, I see--the Cambridge city police now answer to the administration of MIT, not the Cambridge city government. There are doubtless many problems with the Cambridge city government, but at least they were elected--unlike either the MIT administration or Mr. Wolfensohn.
You leftwing commies will lose this war
11 Jun 2002
Get a clue commie traitors. Your day of terror against this
republic of America are numbered. Get with the program or ship your ass to cuba.
Get out of the USA if you hate it so much
11 Jun 2002
Left Wing morons. Get a clue.
Armed terrorists in "Saving Private Capital"
11 Jun 2002
Who are the terroists in this picture?

Those unarmed students with placards and signs demanding economic justice for 98% of the world's peoples?

Or these armed-to-the-teeth defenders of the autocratic rule of the top 2%? And they're using the hard-earned $$ of law-abiding taxpayers to threaten and intimidate the non-violent activists to boot!
Dear Tommy
11 Jun 2002
Tommy said "get out of the USA if you hate it so much."

I'm not from the USA - I'm just checking this site out with the internet. I hate the USA. The USA's arrogance effects the whole world. You complain about terrorism - yet your government trained Osama Bin Laden to fight the Russians. You are hypocrites. You complain about weapons of mass destruction - yet the USA threatens to use these weapons in a so called 'pre-emptive' strike. You complain about some guy talking about exploding a 'radioactive dispersal bomb' - yet your military have used depleted uranium bombs on Kosovo and Iraq - contaminating the land. You complain about Anthrax - blaming every third world country you decide to hate - yet it was produced in the USA's own laboratory. You talk about democracy - yet you help the dictatorships in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Here is a poem a friend wrote:

We had to destroy the city;
In order to save it
Our democracy will now enslave it.



Americans vs. the US government
12 Jun 2002

I more or less agree with your critique of US foreign policy, but could you do us all a favor and distinguish between the US government and the American public? There are plenty of Americans who oppose US government policy. I suspect there are plenty more than feel uneasy about it, but don't have access to alternative information to confirm their fears and learn about critiques such as yours. Most Americans just don't know about the unsavory aspects of US foreign policy you pointed out. But I think this whole "axis of evil" thing and the so-called "war on terrorim" is making a lot of people uneasy. The polls say otherwise, but polls aren't trustworthy--people often respond to surveys by giving the answers they think the surveyor wants to hear, especially on emotion-laden subjects like US foreign policy. If you just lump together the US government and the American public, you're engaging in the same sort of thinking the US government does vis-a-vis Iraq--lumping together the people with the government and punishing the whole population for the sins of their rulers. (BTW, people I know who have travelled to Iraq have found Iraqis don't make that mistake--they're very friendly to Americans at the same time as they condemn the US government as a bunch of murderers.)
Ha Ha Ha!!!!!
12 Jun 2002
I just find it funny that the most liberal district of Boston, Mass.(Cambridge) reacts to its citizens in such a way. To all Liberals, Reap what you sow!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Ignore the trolls
12 Jun 2002
First off, please ignore the trolls trying to turn this into a discussion of whether protesters are commie traitors. That's a waste of time and energy and gets off the point.

But in response to the questions about where the gear came from, I doubt that it was from the Festival Del Pueblo, which was pretty much entirely in Boston, not Cambridge. One theory is that a lot of those officers were actually from the Middlesex County Sherriff's Department as well as or instead of the Cambridge PD. But it's hard to know. (Incidentally, the Middlesex Sherriff's jurisdiction does not include Boston--Boston is in Suffolk County.)

I do hope that people who had direct stories of expereinces with police are writing them down now and sharing them with the protest organizers. Legal qaction could probably come out of this--I'm no lawyer, but telling a small group of people that they can't picket on a sidewalk seems ridiculous. No permit is needed for a moving picket.
Flag Waving Americans Make Me Sick
13 Jun 2002
Yes, there is a difference between the American public and the government. A countries people should not be judged because of the actions of a few powerful rednecks in the Whitehouse. I was aiming my comment at 'patriotic' Americans. They make me sick with all their flag waving and jingoism.
13 Jun 2002
Why do I hate America so much? Because I am from Australia. Australia is worse than America but has less power. We have plenty of rednecks over here who wear the flag on their shirts. We've got a redneck prime minister who locks up refugees in the desert. Even our Labor party is paroting the George W. Bush line.

Thanks for your protest against the world bank. I'm with you - but I'm too angry for my own good sometimes.
Educate the masses
13 Jun 2002
Looking over these posts it makes me realize that the fascist and their hateful (and inaccurate) attacks on our freedom of speech does not represent the typical worldview toward social justice movements in the United States. It does however represent a genuine fear by the reactionary uninformed public as so crudely pointed out in these negative posts. The fear derives from the mere presence of a strong and united Left and not understanding issues such as why the World Bank is a repressive and inequitable institution. So I disagree, I think “trolls” need to be educated, because with out their support such a picture (above) would not be possible.
See also: