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News ::
Palestinian Activist Has Pre-Trial Hearing - Sort of
12 Jun 2002
Modified: 18 Jul 2002
Palestinian activist Jaoudat Abouazza, currently being detained by the INS on bogus "suspicion of terrorism", was found in default for failure to appear at his pre-trial hearing, after the efforts of his court-appointed attorney to secure his transfer to the courtroom were rejected by the court.
CAMBRIDGE - Jaoudat Abouazza's pre-trial hearing in Middlesex County District Court ended today with the court finding him
in default for failure to appear. Jaoudat was unable to appear because he remains in INS detention. Efforts by his court-appointed lawyer to either secure his transfer to the courtroom or arrange for videoconferencing, which the facility Jaoudat is being held in is equipped for, were both denied. The court also decided to issue a warrant for his arrest on the same charges following his release from
federal custody.

Jaoudat is being tried in district court for minor traffic violations, but is being detained at the federal level for "suspicion of terrorism."

Jaoudat, who is a Palestinian activist working with the Boston ANSWER coalition, was stopped and arrested on May 30 by the Cambridge police department. Without being charged he was taken into custody, where he was immediately interrogated by the FBI on bogus suspicion of terrorism. The case is garnering national attention as an example of repression of dissent and the persecution of Arabs and Muslims under the new post-9/11 security regime.

The offending evidence consisted of items in the trunk of Jaoudat's car: some wire, and fliers advertising a June 9th rally protesting the celebration of Israeli Independence day. Last year's Israeli Independence day protest attracted similar attention when Boston activist Amer Jubran was arrested on assault charges, which were later dismissed as groundless. Jaoudat is currently in INS detention (he is
a Canadian citizen), and has been interrogated at least seven times by the FBI, without legal counsel present.

For further information, contact the Jaoudat Abouazza Defense Committee, c/o International ANSWER, 31 Germania Street Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 617-522-6626. answerboston (at)
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12 Jun 2002
I should add two things:

First, now that Jaoudat is in INS detention, he can languish there pretty much indefinitely.

Second, just a personal comment: next time someone tells you about the inefficiency of federal bureaucracy, assure them that, when the job needs doing, the INS, FBI and police agencies have no trouble cooperating at all.
Here's an idea
13 Jun 2002
If you come to this country to preach hatred, at least remeber to be here legally.

What a dumbass. I hope they can tack on more time for being an idiot - and -then- deport his sorry ass.

they should have deported your ancestors
14 Jun 2002
you jackass, by that ridiculous logic, all the invading europeans should have been rounded up, interrogated, held in deplorable conditions indefinitely and then booted back home to the starvation and political repression in spain, england, france, etc etc. be grateful the locals decided to help the pilgrims survive their disastrous first winter.

and as for preaching hatred, there is no shortage of that on mainstream media and in the halls of power in this fast-deteriorating political climate. democracy is supposed to guarantee freedom of speech and assembly for all, not just for self-righteous neofascists like you and your pals in dc. resisting the zionist iron fist is not just common sense, but a duty of anyone with a conscience.

Poll Results Are In
14 Jun 2002
Poll Shows 4 Out of 5 Americans Would Lick Ashcroft's Shoes for More Security

Oklahoma City- A recent Gallop Poll revealed that four out of five Americans would gladly lick Attorney General, John Ashcroft’s shoes if he could make them feel safer from godless terrorists. Approximately four in ten of those polled were willing to give up their house keys to gain a sense of security, and about half favor making it easier for authorities to do just about anything as long as they can continue to watch television and shop.
“It’s amazing what percentage of the population are willing to bend over in order to get back a some sense of personal security”, said Ben Counters, research coordinator for the Gallop Organization. “These are average Americans, you know, soccer moms who want to fill-up the tanks of their SUVs and drive to McDonalds without having to worry about anything.”
The telephone survey taken last month included 911 people from across the nation. Researchers also polled about a thousand people found window shopping in malls near New York City, Washington, DC, and Ames, Iowa. Like most polls, the questions asked were phrased in order to obtain results that researchers were paid to gather.
The poll showed 70 percent of Americans are in favor of requiring U.S. citizens to have bar codes tattooed to their foreheads and 87 percent believe that the FBI should have access to their bathrooms. Additionally, it was discovered that only 15 percent of those polled are more worried about the present administration’s real motives for increased security in the U.S. than they are of unknown terrorists.
Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don't
14 Jun 2002
[We're continually amazed at the amount of disinformation posted at Boston's IMC. Increasingly, Indymedia is providing little more than the preposterous Zio-trash on TV and so-called "newspapers".

[Outside of so-called "liberal" or "progre$$ive" group-think organizations of Amerika, it's well-known and well-documented who manipulates "our" media, "our" monetary system and "our" elections:

[Palestininians, Americans and other non-Zionists should be very careful about dealing with the lawyers/liars of the ACLU and other fake opposition groups who actually serve the interests of totalitarians.

[Although I'm no proponent of ANY puppet governments - Saudi, Zionist, Republicratic, etc. - the following essay exposes much of the nonsense repeated by the war-mongering, money-worshiping, racial-supremicist Zio-media.
- JPC]

"Damned if you do, dead if you don't"

:: Why Zionist are threatening Mecca and Medina ::

by Ahmed Yousef

The greatest challenge, at this stage in the war on terrorism, seems to be sustaining the fragile East/West alliance. A series of articles recently published in various elite and pro-Zionist publications accusing Saudi Arabia of various indiscretions, while issuing threats against Mecca and Medina, are only a few examples of how great the challenge to maintain these alliances really is.

Perhaps not understanding how important Saudi Arabia’s cooperation is to the overall success of the international campaign now underway, Zionists in the United States have launched another one of their many Saudi bashing campaigns, perhaps hoping, as usual, to cause cleavage between the two nations, the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Thinking perhaps that by so doing, they will bolster the strategic importance of Israel, who has until recently served the United States as its sole proxy in the Middle East, while pushing Saudi Arabia away from the Palestine/Israel negotiating table.

Following 911, pro-Israeli pundits in the United States were more than a little upset by the amount of consideration the United States was extending to Arab governments. On numerous occasions public statements were made, where Israel accused the United States of selling out Israel in exchange for shoring up relationships with these Arab governments, as the U.S. sought to put together strategic international alliances against Al-Qadea. This type of reaction to so serious a project is less than what one would expect of a sophisticated and politically adept Israel, yet looking at the historic politics of the Middle East region, Israel’s response is predictable.

Politics in the Middle East operates according to the "damned if you do; dead if you don’t" political theory. You need not have an extensive knowledge of the region to recognize those characteristics of the theory that makes it unique. In fact, it is the simplicity of the theory, that makes it easily adaptable, and that seduces the governments of the region to the extent that they have never, and absolutely refuses to abandon the theory, and in fact depend upon its more persuasive qualities, in lieu of common sense, on virtually every opportunity.

Case in point: a similar competition as the one between Israel and Saudi Arabia is now underway between the Arab governments. Each wants to best the other as friend to the United States, and as its key ally in the War against terrorism. The proving ground is of course the Palestine/Israel conflict.

Following the introduction of Saudi Arabia’s proposal for peace in the Palestine/Israel conflict, other Arab countries, which had previously accepted the Saudi proposal at the Arab Summit held in Lebanon, visited the United States to introduce plans of their own. Several months ago, Washington DC was besieged by Arab government representatives, and delegations, all vying for the attention of the American people, and a closer relationship with the U.S. government.

Such pandering is not necessarily harmful. Yet, it becomes absolutely dangerous when we consider that the governments of the region are using the plight of the Palestinian people as an attraction to solicit foreign aid and status, leaving us to ask exactly how much the Palestinian people themselves are saying about their own futures. Having nothing much to offer in exchange for their lives, it would be surprising if anything they had to say could be as appealing as what the competing Arab governments have to say. This is dangerous since as we should have learned with Oslo, there is no plan for peace that can succeed in Palestine unless it can produce the long awaited freedom and self-determination that the people long for.

Until now, just about everyone has had something to say about who should govern Palestine, how and why, except the people, whose right to vote and elect their own representative is being upheld, while the United States works to figure out, who, among the various contenders is best qualified, and more likely to follow its directive, which is to work cooperatively with Ariel Sharon in his bid to wipe out the Islamic resistance movement, and establish an Israeli proxy in the occupied territories.

Zionists have no doubt decided that they don’t want Saudi Arabia to play this role. They no doubt prefer other Arab government’s for the job. There are at least two others that they have had good relationships with in the past, as peace partners, and both have proven their willingness and ability to employ the heavy handed tactics required to impose unpopular policies upon Arabs and Muslims.

Saudi Arabia, now famous for its support of the Palestinian resistance, and its refusal to deny financial support to the families of people martyred in the resistance movement, might be seen as too sympathetic and close to the people to engage in the necessary amount of subterfuge to further distance the people from self determination. The animosity between Israel and Saudi Arabia that has mounted since Saudi Arabia officially entered the peace proposal pageant unequivocally on the side of the Palestinians, may make it difficult for the two, Israel and Saudi Arabia to work "cooperatively," at least so far as Ariel Sharon and the Likud Party might be concerned.

Following Israel’s March 29th incursion into Jenin, pundits predicted that once the siege had abated, Sharon would be ready to select a new Arab counterpart to oversee the implementation and progress of Israeli dictated changes in leadership and reforms in the occupied territories. The United States, perhaps worried that it would be useless to install a partner for peace in Palestine that Sharon neither likes, nor trusts, may also be leaning towards one of the other Arab governments, as the primary overseers of the Palestinians, and new Israeli proxy, the PA having been declared incapable of eliminating the resistance movement. The damned if you do, dead if you don’t theory says that any government who hopes to achieve power and status in the Middle East will either be damned by the people for their collaboration with Israel and the United States, or marginalized, and declared "irrelevant" as Yasser Arafat was so declared by Israel, for refusing to play along. The governments of the region never tire of playing this game, including Israel, since the rewards are too tempting, and the consequences for not playing too dire. In the case of Saudi Arabia, its challenge to Israel to withdraw to its 1967 borders in return for normalized relations in the Muslim World has resulted in Zionists threats to nuke both Mecca and Medina. Saudi Arabia successfully produced the first real test to Israel’s claim to prefer a negotiated peace, rather than a military solution to the intifada. Israel, no doubt embarrassed by the questions and pressure that the public began to apply, hoping to get the two sides together, and talking again, rather than continuing the unneeded cycle of violence, thinks that threats to nuke Mecca and Medina will be enough to run the Saudi’s away. One such threat was made only a week ago, in a well known Zionist magazine, while a former White House official made a similar threat in the Wall Street Journal, in an article entitled, "How to win: Stopping the Next September 11," by Fred Ekle, (June 2, 2002).

Keep in my mind that the Palestinian people will not be the sole victims of this game. As was seen during the Oslo peace process, when the colonial Middle East governments get together to ply their tainted ware, it is the people of the entire region, Muslims and Arabs, as well as people outside the region who suffer from the oppression, corruption and injustices that usually follow the implementation of their policies. As for the Resistance Movement, chances are that it will continue not only to grow in popularity among the people, but also to be an important variable in the success of any government who hopes to oversee the implementation of agreements, making it essential that any plan for the future of Palestine be one that enjoys not only government support, but also Palestinian support. Saudi Arabia, for all of the above reasons, seems to be the only Arab government that can steer the tumultuous waters that have traditionally overturned the peace processes. If the United States is smart, it will not fall sway to the ease of choice in this matter, but will instead seek a partner for Israel who can garner sincere public support from the Palestinian people, and one that can participate financially in the reconstruction of Palestine from its own treasury, which will make the American taxpayer, who would probably feel very good about helping the Palestinians, but not understand why they are paying Arab governments to help Palestinians. Saudi Arabia is respected by the younger generation of resistance movement supporters, who, even if the official movement is significantly limited, will never yield their affection for armed resistance in lieu of occupation.

Dr. Ahmed Yousef is Director of United Association for Studies and Research (UASR) and Editor-in-Chief, Middle East Affairs Journal.

See also:
To Free the NY3
14 Jun 2002
I can't speak for the Pilgrims, and I doubt they would have been very fond of me or my ancestors. They by the way, came to Ellis Island - legally.

Nnothing was stopping this schmuck from doing the same. Don't know who the NY3 are either - and not that I particularly care - but I guess they're in jail - and that works for me.

Not by Chance
14 Jun 2002
That was the last straw. Boston Indymedia is harmed
by one thing only: Mr. Chance's verbal diarrhea.

Mr. Chance writes too much to be a mere unemployed
crackpot. I would wager he's employed, that he gets
a nice paycheck at the end of the month, in exact
proportion to the amount of harm he has done on
Boston Indymedia.

However, maybe when his employers realize that such
tactics only encourage us (if they care enough to bother
us, we must be doing something right!), Mr. Chance will
be out of a job, and we can go back to being the
media without being bothered by his idiotic "commentary."
Okay, I Confess....
14 Jun 2002
It's true. By retarded corporate-American standards, I'm certainly a crackpot. And proud of it.

But by the standards of most humans, corporate-America (and its Zio-AshkeNAZI manipulators) is the biggest hoax in history.

Ooops. Guess that leaves citizens with the frightening task of thinking for themselves. COGNITIVE DISSONANCE!

Unfortunately, I get "paid" (robbed) the same meager amount regardless of how "effective" I might be.

Much to my distress, I get all my funds from the same fraudulant monopoly that ALL Americans get their counterfeit "U.S. dollars": the Federal Reserve Corporation.

Ironically, it's the usurious fractional-reserve Federal Reserve Bank swindle (with its junior corporations such as Enron, Exxon, GM, the IRS, etc.) that has prevented me and many others from practicing vocations such as commercializing high-performance electric vehicles, windfarms and biodiesel.

Such enterprises are quite threatening to the false profits of banksters, which is why this enslaved and addicted country isn't energy independent despite the existing technology to be so:

Stuff that up your NAZI butt, anonymous coward.

As Henry Ford pointed out, "Thinking is the hardest work there is. That's why so few people do it."
See also:
9-11 and Greater Israel
19 Jun 2002
The 9-11 attack served two interrelated power factions:

1) The World Bank Group

2) Zionists
That's Better
23 Jun 2002
An Israel of that size would certainly be preferable to the murderous Arab thugs that currently run things. At least the Israelis are civilized.
See also:
Israel and Civilization
27 Jun 2002
Well, you side with Israel and keep claiming the
Israelis are "civilized" but the Palestinains are not,
even though the Palestinians have all the same sorts of
business, health services, houses, government structure,
wear the same types of clothes (made of the same materials)
and even look physicaly the same as the Israelis
(particularly the native, arabic Israelis.. the ones
who were there early on).. they eat the same sort of food
that you buy in the grocery store: meat, eggs, fish,
vegitables (kosher food is still normal food). They
speak language like all humans do, they go to
schools, they care about their children and
freinds, and most important, they LIVE IN CITIES. Did
you know that "civilization" means "the culture of the
city"? I got that particular definition from a
documentary about the jews, made by jews, that I
watched at a jewish friend's house.

Every war has people calling the other side "uncivilized"
or "animals" or some other un-human term, in order
to justify killing them.

The issue is not weather the Palestinians are uncivilized,
terrorists, etc etc. The issue is weather Israel
will allow the Palestinians who ran from or were kicked
out of Israel in 1948, 1967, etc... back in. This is why
the Palestinisans kept rejecting Israel's offers. It's
not an unreasonable thing to expect. It does need to
be debated and worked out, but remember, this is the
issue. Not weather so-and-so is evil, uncivilized, a
monster, blah blah. Thats just a distraction from the
real issue.

Start debating about the Palestinian's right to live
where they originaly lived, and stop using emotional
scare-terms and jingoistic rhetoric. Start acting
civilized like you claim to be. If they cant all
return to Israel proper than a part of what is
now conrolled by Israel really needs to be given to

I am totaly opposed to religious fundamentalists
(moslem, christian, or jewish)... I think groups like
Islamic Jihad and Mossad.. oops, I mean Hamas, really
suck. But as to the suicide bombings, keep in mind
that Israel and the USA highly value suicide in the name
of defending their values. People march off to war to
commit suicide in the name of this or that, and they
are praised for it afterwards. (Firemen, etc.
get killed all the time.. we hope they wont be, but
statistics tell us that some of them will
always regularly die. Sounds somewhat suicidal to me.)
So dont go telling me that some form of suicide is
a sign of being uncivilized. I do wish they would
use some other tactics than bombings and shootings...
but this is really up to the Palestinian people,
who are desperate. Hopefully when they elect a new leader
he will be sort of a Palestinian Noam Chomsky,
Howard Zinn, or Ralph Nader... and not some typical
machiavellian asshole "leader".

Even Bush has come out and said that what Israel is doing
is basicly wrong... its not working... keep that in mind.
We need to find a solution and not hurl around silly
See also:
No Connection
18 Jul 2002
I think that any connection between firemen and suicide bombers is totally ridiculous. it a pathetic argument which tries to somehow justify attacks on civilians. i cant see how you can say there is no difference between israelis and arabs. the israeli religion condemns suicide for any purpose, whilst the muslim religion preaches rightous suicide, die for you land, and take as many as you can with you.
Re: Palestinian Activist Has Pre-Trial Hearing - Sort of
02 Mar 2004
Kincaid, do us a favor and get cancer