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The good the bad and the GREEN
04 Oct 2000
Unionist turn guard dog round three.
Seemingly coincidental that unionists were at the debates, but those whores were bought and sold. I figured anyone who had to bum rides to work b/c of a DWI conviction, or lack of a car itself would be sympathetic to some of our platforms. Naive.
It came to me a few moments ago (at work, their dime, my time) I remember a report from Laindymedia about two or three unionists going to a convergance center to help out and give back to the community, after they were to leave (drive the van to block an intersection) the van was stopped, kiddies in the back got sent to the klink and the unionists were driven away seperately and released.
A month or so later, here in Bean counting town, union people get paid to come show support for the son of satan?
What can this mean in all of its entireity? Well folks, for those at home unwilling to poke your head out of the boob-tube, it means everything has already been decided.
Even if we don't do as we were told bought and sold, the new design is in place.
All one needs to be aware of is a full belly, a check, someplace to live and some meaningless things to gripe about.
In ten or fifteen years (maybe sooner) we will no longer have this system. instead of an electoral college, it will be a corporate voting representitive. Think about that, is that what most lobbyists are and pundits?
The media gave up, except for the ones licensed to give a pretty ungrimmy view of the picture. But that is so random, it becomes background noise. Like when you walk a tightrope, 300ft up and someone on the ground is telling you the rope is giving way. What could you do?
We need constant everyday action, on your lunch break, at night, on the phone the internet, your beeper, at kinkos.
We need to go and break the occasional satelite truck, or dump sludge on a reporter as they speak.
Maybe not that rude, but we do need to MONKEY WRENCH THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!
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Union Sellouts
04 Oct 2000
The AFL-CIO sold us out in Philly, too. The day of the Kensington march we saw union vans pulling up and cheered, only to see them go right into the convention center.
What about us Unionists?
04 Oct 2000
you snot nosed college kids think b/c we used you in seattle means we owe you something is a load of crap.
One unionist said to me on the t after all was said and done.
Guess it takes a real man to turn Narc eh?
Get a Clue
04 Oct 2000
Get a clue, John. Until the unions grow a spine and get away from the sellout Democrats, they will continue to insure that workers get more and more screwed. These protesters in the streets are trying to preserve the rights of workers like you. Why are you defending the very people who screw you with new legislation and trade agreements? Wake up and fight for your rights, or get out of the way so someone with the combination of a spine and a brain can do it for you.
See also:
Monkey Wrench = RUN FOR OFFICE!
04 Oct 2000
Yes, it is time for the Monkey Wrenches.

It is time for activists to band together as they have done around the world and "throw their bandanas in to the ring" The only thing these politicians understand is money and votes. Activists must RUN FOR POLITICAL OFFICE. Pleading and begging these heartless people with signs will not change their inhuman agendas. However, replacing them with fresh blood and good ideas will..
It's time to form coalitions nationwide and fight them on their own turf, with the terms they understand.

Albert Larotonda
Council of Alternative Political Parties - NJ
dear Unionists, your not getting it
04 Oct 2000

I think that most of us that are fighting against the globalization of the "american system", the WTO, NAFTA, GATT, and other such trade deals in the works, support hugely the rights of workers, in theory, to unionize in order to protect themselves against the old time mill-owner, and the "new economy CEO's."

That is what most of the union fellahs in attendance last night did not understand. I attempted to discuss with several of them, how the Democrats, that they support, Bill Clinton and Al Gore, and the Republicans pushed the very trade deals through, that are driving American manufacturing jobs to other nations with cheaper labor forces.

But, many of them were drunk, so I suppose it was their right to attack us for dressing differently.

I got to say thanks one more time to the "Local 125 Carpenters Union GOON" that slugged me cowardly across the back.
Mistaken identity, or lack of humor
04 Oct 2000
I wrote the John denver@colorado article as a spoof, although on the train, a unionist did say those things, lighten up...
AFL-CIO Was Founded on Anti-Radicalism
04 Oct 2000
Does any of this really come as a surprise to anyone who is remotely familiar with the history of the AFL-CIO?

The American Federation of Labor (AFL) was founded on class collaboration and "business unionism", reinforced by anti-radicalism and blind patriotism. The provided scab labor during early labor struggles involving revolutionary unions such as the I.W.W., and have always undermined working class radicalism through red baiting tactics, no-strike pledges during U.S. war efforts, industrial espionage, and support for the Democratic Party.

The Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) has a bit more of a radical history, with a strong Communist influence in its infancy, however, that was long ago, and any of it's early militancy has been co-opted.

Let's stop fooling ourselves as to who are our allies within the struggle. Revolutionaries should be actively agitating AGAINST business unions such as the AFL-CIO in order to build a movement of working class radicalism in this country.

--MaRK (Sabate Anarchist Group)
05 Oct 2000
hear, hear. no news that today's unions have been bought out & assimilated by the capitalist state.
what really bugs me is the real reason a lot of Joe Bluecollars really DO think we're 'snotnosed college kids'- the way a lot of people keep talking about "fighting for workers' rights", this is like why some people of color view us as condescending, patriarchal white liberal racists for claiming to fight their battles for them. well, there's only one battle, and we're all in it together, and the goal is for EVERYONE to be SELF-EMPOWERED. let's try and keep that in mind. this action was one of the most beautiful instances of creative, peaceful, democratic anarchy i've ever been pleased to be a part of, and despite being severely pepper-sprayed i had a swell time.
~janek spinach
05 Oct 2000
labelling people as "good" and "bad" when we (yes, labor is on board and has done some pretty kickass stuff this past year) are all in one movement agaist corporate power is completely ignorant. Having it out in front of national media is even worse. lets think, people. labor is getting the royal shaft in this country by the corporate political system- and they know that more than you. yelling it at them (and I saw this tues night) is not helping. we need strategic alliances with labor, we dont need to compromise to do this, but we do need to be mindful. Get off the self-righteous bandwagon and do some research and organizing.
in solidarity,