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Roll One! (english)
08 Sep 2002
Er! Roll that guy on the floor! Bush Daddy Honestly Id=201796 Could have sworn that I posted this here.
My Daddy said that now while everyone is laughing like a blithering idiot, it is a good time to go see who has that "look" on their faces (Is. 3:9; 199656). Their stupidity will not break stride (Is. 28:15). In light of this, I suggested that mi mama wear a brooch, equipped with a camera to record all the stupidity that she encounters in the Triple Cities; Binghamton, Johnson City, and Endicott, my home town (187927), where mi mama may or may not be recovering from an attempt to "use antibiotics to do away with the old lady" (143109). After five years on antibiotics as a result of acid-induced sinus infections, I told her that she was probably better off guzzling lemon juice when I found out that they had her soaking her hands in hot wax. Three cheers to Dr. Linus Pauling who managed to survive the onslaught of the chemical-mongering poopheads for 98 years via his Vitamin C "philosophy" (166317). Dr. Pauling probably never addressed the "chelator" function of Vitamin C because such research has been surpressed; but he proved his point by living to the age of 98 (147306 & 197071). Back to these cameras recording stupidity, I doubt if I could record stupidity that compares to that which mi mama encounters in the Triple Cities; but there is some local and international stupidity that I'd like to see preserved for posterity.

I'd like to see how the "piss on roses" rule of Bush Daddy Tribe was made manifest with the 8 foot rose bush out front (185011). I'd like to see how people trained dogs to come piss on my new grass driveway (192800). I'd like to see who is throwing bags of sulfur into the university boilers to produce a sulfurous mist that rolls down the hills day and night, making Ithaca appear to be the "valley of the shadow of death" day and night (Ps. 23:4). Since my oaks growing from acorns are only 6 to 8 inches tall (12-18" is normal?) because of acid damage, I am trying to find a hill location where I can plant a honeylocust-oak grove in a field that will not be mown anymore. I figure that 30 trees over one acre would produce a good grove, and I would first put slits in the sides of the containers, planting them container and all with a minimum of disturbance. I would also like to see films of the poopheads coming to fertilize these trees (151866, 183807, & 186353). I would like to see films of my friend, Pete, getting "Judge Judy" or some other important person to sign the decree to "restore and rebuild Jerusalem" (Dan. 9:25). I would like to see films of Bush Daddy's kid, standing at the "whitewashed wall" in Jerusalem while "urban renewal", Holy City Style is demonstrated (Jer. 9:11). The word is that "Jerusalem is actually a safer place because of the amount of "urban renewal" going on there". I gave Pete a picture of Jim Morrison's 1967 New Haven mug shot to put up in the bar for "educational purposes only": "Jim Morrison inflamed the poopheads of New Haven, and a few weeks later "John Barleycorn" stole Morrison's defenses when the drunken Morrison was "rolled" in Hoyt Auditorium, Miami Beach, (courtesy of New Haven?)(70672). What does it mean: "to roll a drunk"? It apparently means to roll them in poop and put it in their mouth while rolling them in it. Instant brain damage! Jim Morrison received a "fatal" dose. Who is the culprit? "John Barleycorn"? The poopheads? Try to find a good recording of Traffic's "John Barleycorn Must Die!", and you will see how much "hard liquor" supports BDT making us a "nation of poopheads" (166317). On the other hand, BDT has the seductress to "blow the man down bullies" and "roll" them with or without the alcohol (Prov. 7). I would like to see films of BDT, reacting to Jim Morrison becoming an issue again, and if they tear that "purposeful education" down, there is a picture of Mrs. Alletta George; "Have you seen this woman?"; the Bush Daddy lookalike who I suspect is Capt. Calvin Bush, dressed in drag as the grandmother, er, grandfather of William "Daddy" George, the founder of George Junior Republic, where they are probably still "helping" freed slave women to this day (200807)! "All of you who have seen Bush Daddy in a bonnet, raise your hand!" That's for educational purposes also. There are many other scenes worth filming as a record of the stupidity that prevails; but don't laugh! You laugh, you may fall into a trap for your last laugh (Jer. 5:26). Honestly!

Yeah! There are traps within traps and snares within pits. Bush Daddy claims that the young healthy ones that get "rolled" are recruited to "roll" more people, for they are told that their damaged brains are a good excuse to kill them. Do you still wonder how Bush Daddy got 27 people to go to Cortland County to cut up Sarah Hajney and Jennifer Bolduc (93509)? Bush Daddy also claims that Sarah and Jennifer were murdered in Dryden and that is how Dryden keeps their murder rate down. Since I have been informed that letters to my posted address have been returned "Unknown Address", I wonder if the USPO has made my address into a trap (Ps. 64:5). An extremely dark portion of Geneva Street also makes me wonder if there is iniquity afoot there that is worth filming. When I was perusing the history of Dryden and the Civil War, I also investigated why people vehemently deny that I am related to General George Meade. It turns out that there is still a pathological hatred for this uppity Meade boy who won the Civil War singlehandedly at Gettysburg. It also turns out that he was probably a half-breed, born in Spain of an American exporter named Meade. Since the powers-that-be of that period also strove to put easily-manipulated leaders in office, the drunken General Grant was upheld as that "do all and be all" of the Civil War; and the Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiots set out to eliminate anyone who acknowledged that this Meade boy was an achiever. Did Ken Burns leave this out in his Civil War documentary? After a year of proofreading stories about 9/11/01, the mainstream media has released a sterile account of 9/11, accentuating that nobody had a clue as to what happened. "No Body is Going to Do Nothing About It" (41739)! Were the towers targetted because they were defective construction likely to be condemned? Were selected companies put on the top floors of these towers because they had investigated "Messiah Exarchou" (62371), the "Granada Group" (50914, 51259, & 51602), the "Silent Murder Epidemic" (24603), or mass graves in America (199656)? The WTC disaster was truly a "Bush Daddy Power Play" (185011 & 200807), and the media should be encouraged to go interview the Messiah-wannabes of Ithaca and the other professed Samaritans who rushed to the sites. At least have Ken Burns do it! Honestly!

PS: If the Bear Lord could have sworn to himself that he said: "Call out to every kind of bird and all the wild animals: "Assemble and come together from all around to the sacrifice I am preparing for you, the great sacrifice on the mountains of Israel"."; don't tell him that the smell of the graves that God has opened is what is moving these animals (Ez. 39:17; 37:13; 199656). On the other hand, you could probably trick BDT into lighting and maintaining the watchfires that will prove to the Bear Lord that you really want to see your Lord (147306).

PPS: From the vague and mysterious mainstream media comes news about 9/11/01 that leads one to believe that the elevators were programmed to trap people and that there was some poophead purpose to leading the public to believe that "102 minutes", and not "16 minutes", elapsed between tower strikes. Let the media go take a look at how many of those who stayed home are now dead? How many of those who survived the disaster are now dead? How many of those who warned people away are now dead? How bad did the Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiots of BDT want these people? Did they force-feed any of them poop and threaten to kill them for their stupidity? Were those companies in the top floors of the WTC towers being monitored by hackers on Cornell computers?

If you read between the lines, this "war" on Iraq is really Bush Daddy's kid "shopping for more weapons of mass destruction from Bush Daddy's square-jaw lover boy, Saddam". The Niggardly Asinine Zionist Idiots can apparently get this stuff no other way; thus they are tryiing to stage a repeat of what happened with Saddam's weapons stash in the Persian Gulf War. Hundreds of millions have probably died from what was brought here by the Storm Troopers after PGW.

Bright Idea (9/6/02): Sulfurous poopheads might be told that it is okay to burn sulfur at the watchfires.

Referenced (numbers) are Id#s for articles on; i.e. Global IMC Open Newswire. To access via Id#, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger


reload (english)
08 Sep 2002
sdf (english)
08 Sep 2002