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05 Oct 2000
The Black Block is not alone in being manipulated for the ends of corporate fascism. Even the Green Party and the IMC, particularly in Boston, have been infiltrated and manipulated to marginalize the pro-democracy movement.
The B-C Greens and many other social libertarians respect the political-economic views of many of the Black Block participants.

Unfortunately, the Black Block is easily and obviously infiltrated and manipulated by the corporate government to divide-and-conquer the pro-democracy movement and to slant public opinion against protesters.

Being a participant of the Black Block must be fun, with the adrenaline rush and all, but it's strategically counter-productive to the pro-democracy movement - unless you're working for the police state.

Of course, the Black Block is not alone in being manipulated for the ends of corporate fascism. Even the Green Party and the IMC, particularly in Boston, have been infiltrated and manipulated to marginalize the pro-democracy movement.

If you're working for Exxon and the World Bank, stay in the Black Block. If you're working for democracy, grow up a bit and study COINTELPRO.
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Black Block - Antagonist or Activist?
05 Oct 2000
Hi man.

As a neutral observer (well, I used to be) I can honestly say I know what you mean. There is a host of photographs that show the black block instigating numerous police actions. Rock throwing, window breaking, and in Prague maybe even throwing molotovs. Then the police react harshly, and non-violent protesters get arrested/beaten because they're not running away and make easy targets. It seems a natural conclusion that the anarchists are just instigating the violence, and then blaming it on the police, right?


Well, I can personally say with some certainty that one of the *critical* points of the FBI's COINTEL program of the 60's focused on breaking up the alliances of the anti-war effort. A very successful move for the FBI was to keep organized labor and so called "hippies" apart, mostly by playing on their fears of each other's physical appearance. ("Ignorant drunken hard hat thugs" vrs "Jobless unwashed drug-addled commie drop outs") This tactic is *still* paying off in Boston, where drunken union men picked fights with Nader and Palastinian activists, and were met with shrill acusations from them that became actual brawls at times.

What I see with the Anarchists of the Black Block is the same pattern forming again, keeping the Ghandi non-violent activists apart from the Black Block so that a unified action becomes impossible.

I won't say that every black block ever has been an upstanding example of political disobedience. Our fellow Anarchy activists on the imc have criticized their own actions from time to time. I will also concede that black ski masks and bandanas will more likely remind the 'average' (as if there is such a thing) TV watching American of terrorists and bank robbers.

But, this is an example of the culture change we need; masked protest is a method used globally to protect the identity of activists. To those in jail cells right now because an FBI undercover agent picked them from a crowd for possession of deadly bamboo, the value of the mask becomes apparent: it offers the anonymity the internet does, it just does it while in the streets.

Do we have anything to hide? Well, when the police are profiling and picking up "known activists" from the Philly puppet shops to the Czech border, hell yes we have something to hide! It shouldn't be, and masks aren't the long term solution to this problem, but for now it's all we have.

Further, where Anarchists are blamed for 'inciting' crowds, I've seen them take a broken and sullen crowd, and have them charging the barricades again. I've seen Anarchists sacrifice themselves to the baton-line just to help non-violent activists escape. I've seen Anarchists be the *only* real 'direct-action' in crowds of activists.

True, when the Block charges a barricade and starts throwing punches, I get very angry. It's a symbolic move, and tactically tragic. But this does *NOT* mean the Anarchists should be marginalized or pushed out of the movement.

If we all meet together, if we invite the Block into the planning meetings, if we make it clear to each other what we want and plan to do, the Block and the Ecos and the Unions and the Naders and even the poor, unwashed hippies, we can build a wall of people that no SWAT team and no media and no sleeping government can ignore.

So quit it! Speak when you're angry about *specific* actions of the Black Block, but don't denounce them in general.

Keep it up Fuckhead...
05 Oct 2000
So now the black bloc, the Independent Media Center, and the Green Party are all heavily infiltrated by COINTELPRO?

Yeah, sure... I smell some COINTELPRO-style divide-and-marginalize tactics alright, and they are coming from your direction asshole.

It is usually best to think first before talking out of your ass.
05 Oct 2000
You aren't even hip with the terminology. Maybe if this was happening in China, "pro-democracy" would be somehwat accurate...the term you are looking for is "anti-globalization."

I think the cops and FBI HAVE tried to inflitrate the Black Bloc and every other protest group, even Civil Disobedience and general sign holders. The question is, whether or not their actions are actually hurtful. I am not going to say sign holding is what "THEY" want because I know that there are undercover cops and agents there too, it doesn't make sense. I don't even think they know what works and what doesn't, except for the most ridiculous stuff which anarchists are opposed to anyway (mass murder, people-killing bombings, etc. stuff guerilla Marxists may support, but anarchists try hard to avoid since taking a person's life offensively is a hierarchal/dominant action).

In fact, public support of the anarchists and "black bloc" (the only obvious representation of anarchists in protests although anarchists are actually everywhere, not just dressed in black) seems to be rapidly increasing, so if any sort of "provocation" has been occuring from the FBI/cops, they're doing something wrong.

Which makes this article seem suspiciously like another method. "The black bloc is evil and only THEY and the Greens and THIS SITE get undercover agents who want to destory the PRO-DEMOCRACY 'movement', so we must separate ourselves from them NOW!!!"

Also, this person posted another article about a general strike which, is far as I know (which is a lot), is completly false. So, take what is coming from this poster with a grain of salt.
Advice vs. Denounciation
05 Oct 2000
The B-C Greens didn't denounce anyone. We're just sharing our historical knowledge and first-hand observations.

If we advocated dividing the movement, we wouldn't be cautioning activists about COINTELPRO and pointing fingers at ourselves - active within the Green Party, IMC, labor, Native Americans, African Americans, socialists, libertarians and many others.

If you don't want to participate in a General Strike, nobody is forcing you.

If you want to ignore effective political action, you can remain like typical TV Americans rather than Europeans, who already have most of what US protesters are calling for.

See also:
Threat from more Nazi skinheads?
05 Oct 2000
We're familiar with what Nazi punks do in Europe, and we're well prepared. Would you like to meet face-to-face? How about at a "neutral" place like the Trilateral Commission?

See also:
COINTELPRO's duel purpose.
05 Oct 2000
I think infiltration must be a serious concern, one that cannot be forgotten or taken lightly. That said, it is important we remember both goals of cointelpro type programs:
1)to join up, make stupid kamikaze suggestions (to lure activists into police traps), to collect evidence, to generally be shit heads.
but there is also a second goal which we must be equally vigilant about:
2) to plant the seeds of paranoia and distrust, to paralyze activists into inaction with the constant threat of infiltration.
This second problem is all the worst. police shit heads have to go to a lot of trouble to infiltrate (yeah, I know, sometimes just throw on a green nader shirt and some cool buttons, or all black and a bandanna...), but very little effort on their part is needed to crush us through our own fear.
what we need to keep in mind is that while we should always be smart about potential infiltrators or keeping an eye on "ways in", we also can't fuel the brush fire of paranoia.
Unless you have real reason to suspect infiltration, don't help foster this bullshit. It's just like liberals policing the more radical and militant elements of the movement: don't do the other team's job for them.

Thank you, and I had fun with all of you on Tuesday, we really must do this again some time,
anyone remember seattle?
05 Oct 2000
i guess someone didn't see the footage of peaceful people
being shot in the back with rubber bullets in seattle. or
people sitting down being clubbed and sprayed. or heard the
stories of the beatings in melbourne. etc. etc.

guess what, boyo - peaceful protesters get attacked by the
cops on a regular basis - for being protesters. nothing else. they don't need the anarchist boogeypeople to
"provoke" them. it happened in seattle. it happened in
melbourne. it happened in DC. it happened in philly. it
happened in LA. it happened in vancouver. it happened in
portland. it happened in toronto. it happened in daipur. it
happened in beijing. it happened in london. it happened in
boston. i've seen it happen more than once in my hometown.
it's probably happening right now.

anyone who thinks that police will respect you if you're a
"respectable" protester - well, i wonder how often those
people have actually taken to the streets. cuz it's a
bleedin' fairy tale.

stop trying to advance whatever agenda it is you're trying
to advance and accept the fact that militant anarchists
aren't going away, just like you wouldn't go away if they
asked you to go away. people need to realize that the
tactics they don't agree with aren't going to stop...
everyone, even the idiot anarchists, believe just as
strongly in their tactics as you do in yours, so just
accept it, work around it, and get on with the real job -
building unity and tearing down the corrupt system.

whether we like to admit it or not, the greens can't do
without the socialists and the anarchists can't do without
the peaceniks and bla bla bla... because alone we are all
too small, and alone our tactics are all too polarized and
short-reaching. it's a people's movement, not a vanguard's
movement. ideally, anyway.
05 Oct 2000
i heard people talking(Again, take this as hearsay) that there was someone running around masked trying to get people to do really stupid things that were counterproductive. so yeah, i wouldn't be surprised if the black bloc got infiltrated. i wasn't part of the black bloc, but i was wearing a mask at the protest because, y'know, i'd much rather not have my face on police video if i have the option. and i got invited to join the black bloc by someone i'd never seen befor e in my life, who had no way of knowing if i was a cop or not. so yeah, it's definantly possible. supposedly, the possibly fake black bloc guy was competely lacking in punk rock patches as well, which, while not a requisite, may be some sort of good point. how many undercover cops go to the effort of getting a nausea patch?

Paranoia or It's Not the "Punk Bloc"
05 Oct 2000
Going along with the comment on paranoia, if you look for people in the black bloc without punk rock patches, you'll find quite a few, and you'll also stir up very bad paranoia. Do not worry about punk patches, it's ridiculous. Not all anarchists are white, middle class punk rockers, in fact most AREN'T.

I'd really hate to be isolated because I don't care for anarcho-punk bands so much I'd sew their patches all over me for a protest. Fucking ridiculous.

People just need to act smart. If some yahoo is ordering people to charge the cops, I'd doubt the person is an anarchist since giving people orders is not really anarchist. If you or the small group you're with decide to do something and people around you follow (not all), that is different.

I'm sure the infiltrators have different "tactics" for different types of protesters. Trying to divide the more safe and liberal ones. Trying to talk CD protesters into going into stupid arrests that tactilly does the protest no good. Or trying to incite real, offensive violence amongst the more "militant." Everyone just has to look out. Don't break solidarity because some chap tells you the "thugs are ruining the movement" and don't go with 40 people to be voluntarily arrested. That shows what...? Well, nothing but you get to get your name and picture on the activist black list!

Think smart and you don't need to worry about what provocateurs are trying to do. Just keep on going and realize it's part of the struggle.
Apology from B-C Greens
06 Oct 2000
Perhaps our statement concerning the Black Block was overstated and undiplomatic. Certainly our observation was misinterpreted by some.

We apologize if it offended anybody who is earnestly struggling against global corporate fascism.

Yes, we need to struggle on all fronts, and the B-C Greens are doing exactly that. We are in the midst of this struggle, facing direct and indirect threats, in the streets and elsewhere (not in ivory or broccoli towers) and particularly observant of - and experienced with - the police state and its underhanded tactics.

Let us all be bold but observant.

In Solidarity,

B-C Greens
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