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What Happened to Friday's Bush Unwelcoming? (english)
05 Oct 2002
Modified: 07 Oct 2002
What? No report on Friday's Bush Unwelcoming in Boston? We don't expect the corporate media to cover such actions, but Indymedia??
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Drop Bush not Bombs (english)
05 Oct 2002
I heard the noon march had about 500 or so but I wasn't there. I went to the one a 6. There was a good rally down at the waterfront. Traffic was slowed down. 'Bout 1700(?) people snake marched from there through Boston to the Common where we had another rousing rally. We then went down Newbury and around to Copley Square. Horns were blowin in support, good favorable response from bystanders. We had a big crowd! After a brief round-up in Copley it continued back down Newbury... but I lost track of it there. Anyone else?
Local coverage & Your Genetown Outrage! (english)
05 Oct 2002
Looking at the Globe's site i find they've granted the masses a few sentences on yesterday's #1 Unwelcoming (see link). However, another piece in the local news appears to have been written by a Bush operative (or the like), touting the party line of invasion as a foregone conclusion. Get the hook!
Meanwhile, over at WBZ-TV you did not exist yesterday if you showed up to demonstrate against the War Machine. I went to their feedback form and gave them shit, for what it's worth. It never hurts to remind the corporate media, ESPECIALLY the ones entrenched in the PUBLIC AIRWAVES, that they are supposed to be reporting, not distorting and that there's always room for refresher courses in Journalism 101.
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video coming... (english)
05 Oct 2002
hey, I'm uploading video from the protest sometime today and I know of a few folks that took pictures that are going to share those too. there's no big feature on yesterday yet b/c no one wrote one. any takers?
Here's some coverage (english)
05 Oct 2002
(With props and apologies to the Onion...)

Despite Liberals Holding Signs in Boston, Bush Seeks U.N. Support for 'U.S. Does Whatever it Wants' Plan

UNITED NATIONS - In an address before the U.N. General Assembly, President Bush called upon the international community to support his "U.S. Does Whatever It Wants" plan, which would permit the U.S. to take any action it wishes anywhere in the world at any time.

"As a shining beacon of freedom and democracy, America has inspired the world," said Bush in his 25-minute address. "With its military might, it has kept the peace and bravely defended the unalienable [sic] rights of millions around the globe. In this spirit, I call upon the world's nations to support my proposal to give America unrestricted carte blanche to remove whatever leaders, plunder whatever resources, and impose whatever policies it deems necessary or expedient."

According to top Bush Administration officials, if the measure is passed by the U.N.-and possibly if it is not-the U.S. would immediately launch invasions of Iraq, North Korea, and Cuba; establish oil-drilling operations in Siberia; install nuclear-missile silos in Mongolia along the Chinese border; make English the official language of the planet; detain thousands of Middle Eastern nationals currently in the U.S. on temporary visas; begin each day with a moment of worldwide prayer; and prohibit Japan and Germany from manufacturing automobiles.

In addition, no demonstration against U.S. actions by any foreign nation or individual would be permitted. Any such protestation would be deemed a high crime subject to a U.N. tribunal, with those found guilty flown to Texas for execution by lethal injection.
why there was no extensive IMC coverage (english)
05 Oct 2002
In response to the original question, asking why there was no extensive Indy Media coverage, the answer is pretty basic. We have a handful of reporters. One of them was out of town this weekend, and I simply had too much work. We can't cover every protest in Boston and sometimes we do miss big ones. That's part of the point of the open newswire--we hope people not involved in Indy Media will cover events and post articles to the newswire. A fair amount of stuff in the center column is written by people who are not IMC regulars. I should note that in terms of coverage, what we are hoping for is more than x number of people came to the demo on issue y at place z; we are also looking for substantial coverage of the issues that the protest is about--after all, we always get mad at the mainstream media when they cover just the events and not the issues. I realize that probably no one went to the Bush demo prepared to report, so we're probably not going to get that.
Corporate Media coverage (english)
05 Oct 2002
I didn't make it to the protest, but I did check the local news (4, 5, 7) to see if any of them dared to cover it. And, surprise, one of them did have some footage (Channel 7 maybe? I was flipping through them pretty quickly...). I only caught the tail end of it, so I'm not sure what they said, but it didn't seem negative. Another station mentioned the protest but didn't have any visuals or discussion beyond that.
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become the media, dammit! (english)
05 Oct 2002
I think its important to not rely exclusively on people that identify as IMC volunteers for coverage of events. I think anyone who is at an event and is upset that it isn't being reported on should do it themselves instead of waiting around for someone else to do so. Also, if something doesn't get covered, the responsibility/blame shouldn't be placed on IMC volunteers alone, it should be felt by everyone who uses the site. Enough with my rant... On a positive note, people seem to be using the site a lot lately. Its good to see people using the page to its potential-- the more people that use the site, the larger the pool of people to report on events.
bush junta out of north america! (english)
07 Oct 2002
yes two different rallies occurred this past friday in Boston. Both were called to express displeasure at the Great Satan's evil presence in town, and yours truly was there. Bush came to raise filthy green paper for the millionaire Mitt, himself eager to ascend and head the feifdom of Massachussetts. One pretender to the throne stroking off another under the banquet table while the voyeuristic yuppies of imperialism in matching dinnerwear paid something like 1.3 million dollars for the honor of being within spurting distance.
the first rally, at noontime, was outside the viper's luncheon between boston's newest hall of injustice and the WTC. at its peak crowd was estimated at 1500 conscious people, many decked out in colorful clothes and holding provocative banners, such as "No to george, No to war, bush and cheney corporate whores," "No war for oil," "Stop the tyranny of king george," and many more. The radical cheerleeders came out and edutained the crowds with their rhythmic words of resistance, and food not bombs provided their own special brand of catering, muffins for the masses. yours truly got a few verbal headshots in with a few departing republicrats. the rumor going round was some few would attempt entry into the wankfest for the rich, but by that time the puppet george had left the building. no arrests and no corporate media there, as usual.
the second rally began at 6pm and consisted of roughly 2500 people. Starting at the site of the luncheon, (i continually woder why someone would call for a rally outside of an empty building in a sector uninhabited after 5pm) the marchers quickly realized they were in a deserted part of town and so took off to downtown boston, blocking traffic and picking up people on the way, winding their way through newbury street until parallel to copley square, where they stopped and rallied for a good thirty minutes. from there, the energetic crowd, composed of young and old men and women chanting and drumming all the way, took over mass ave, bringing traffic to a standstill and making clear their distaste for the politics of mass destruction to distract from the fact the military is taking orders from a psychopathic idiot who answers to the name, "georgy boy." by 9pm people in central square did a synchronized head turn as the marchers made their way toward harvard square and ralied there for another hour, dancing to the furious beat of the drums. a victory for free speech (the marchers did not kowtow to the boston police as other groups do by applying for a "permit" to do what is guaranteed in the constitution) and freedom of assembly! why weren't there tens of thousands there, as there were for the anti-war rallies in england, france, spain, asia, and italy? could it be due to the flouride in our water supply? inquiring minds want to know. now back to you, chet.
Interviewed by Fox 25 News (english)
07 Oct 2002
I was interviewed by Fox 25 news about 6:15 or so at the Northern Avenue Bridge location. I spoke to them for what seemed like a while (I answered a couple of questions like why are people protesting etc..) I'm curious if it got on the news at all.