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Announcement :: Politics
Rice at BC, Monday May 22nd
18 May 2006
Modified: 11:14:41 AM
Condi Rice will be given an honorary degree for her mendacity and lack of humanity, why not go and salute?
Click on image for a larger version

Let us make no bones about it, Condi Rice is one of the inner core of lying, theiving, corporate hacks, who have sold our nation down the river!

Her lies are endless! And yet she gets a pass. Oh, it's Condi, isn't she just a cute genius! Let's give her more honors...

What she deserves is an indictment and a fair trial for her part in creating an atmosphere of fear and terror in the United States. This was deliberate people! Her statements about the development of nuclear weapons in Iraq were absolute BS.

see for example:

Her testimony to the 9-11 Commission hearings was packed with lies. See for example, the facts in detail:

and we all remember the "smoking gun turning into a mushroom cloud." this was after repeated warnings from the CIA, and after the Natl Intel Assessment specifically stated that such an assertion was not based on the facts.

An absolute liar! Whose deliberate prevarications were made to plunge the US into war, and for her cronies in the energy and military contracting sectors could plunder hundreds of billions of our tax dollars! That is the reason! After thousands of our brothers and sisters were sent to their deaths, and after tens of thousands of innocent civilians were shredded by our weto be "honored!"

Well not by me!

Protest the lying, theiving traitor!

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18 May 2006
should read

"innocent civilians shredded by our weapons, still she is to be honored!'

somehow the line was clipped off.
18 May 2006
On Monday, May 22nd, 2006 from 9:00 - 12 noon the antiwar movement will
make common cause with the Boston College community and people of faith
in challenging Condoleezza Rice and the Boston College leadership that
awarded her an honorary doctorate in law.

We will gather at 9:00 a.m. at Cleveland Circle and then march to
Boston College. Several local music groups, including the Foundation and the
Reagan Babies will be appearing as will theologians, activists and

The march and rally will be a peaceful and lively expression of our
dissent while always remaining respectful of the Boston College graduating

To download a flyer, get directions, and get more information, visit:
Re: Rice at BC, Monday May 22nd
18 May 2006
she looks like a man, baby! and she was in on 9-11, which means she's also a traitor.
A Classy Broad
18 May 2006
I applaud BC for not capitulating to the howls of a tiny bunch of frustrated individuals unable to radicalize the hardworking student bodies not only of BC but Boston area colleges as well.

Secretary Rice's appearance enhances BC's reputation as a place of serious scholarship. The Academy is not a platform for extremists to decide who runs the university and who speaks at the university.
Rice Leads the Vulcans to War
18 May 2006
Let's not forget that Poppy Bush set up Rice as the head of the Vulcans group on Foreign Policy.

Note esp. the contributions of Richard Perle and Dov Zakheim, not to mention Stephen Hadley, to this group. They are all extreme hawks, Zionist radicals, who were hell-bent on implementing the Project for a New American Century, which of course required a "new pearl harbor," to quote them exactly.

Aren't just the simplest, clearest facts of what Rice and her Vulcan cohorts have done enough to indict them for treason? For crimes against humanity? Why do some people seem to require a sledghammer blow to the head before they notice what is clear as day?

Rice is a corporate sell-out, a liar, a scroundrel and a traitor. It is pretty clear.

Let Condi tell us what the Vulcans discussed, and how they implemented their plans when they gained office? Not that she is capable of telling the truth...but just out of curiousity. I want to see contortions. I want to see the venom in her eyes. But most of all I think America must see these traitors in hand-cuffs and facing indictment hearings. Otherwise, frankly, we are doomed.
Re: Rice at BC, Monday May 22nd
18 May 2006
Every disagreement is a lie? You all must be paranoid of everyone you meet (except for each other.)
This Isn't About Racism. This Is About Our Freedom. And The Neo Takeover.
18 May 2006
Without the neos engineering of 911? Our freedom wouldn't be up for grabs. And GESTAPO "homeland" security? Wouldn't be spying on us. Damn, this sounds like 1939, Germany!
Wake the hell up now!!!
Re: Rice at BC, Monday May 22nd
18 May 2006
WTF, doesn't anyone have a job ?
Re: Rice at BC, Monday May 22nd
19 May 2006
"The Academy is not a platform for extremists"

couldn't agree more--that's why extremely dishonest and immoral people like Condilla the Hun should not be invited to spew venom there.

What kind of sister would sell out her people in order to have an oil tanker named after her? Probably the same kind who shops for thousand dollar shoes while her people are flooded out of their homes and left for dead by her and her masters.

When all the 9-11 conspirators and accessories are divvied up into maximum security prisons, she should be sent to do time in new orleans, and should be in charge of fixing and cleaning her fellow inmates' shoes.
Re: Rice at BC, Monday May 22nd
19 May 2006
I drive a car. I like oil tankers. They help to keep the standard of living high for Americans. The Bush Administration's policies can be criticized. But they are not much different from prior Administrations. The Left makes a big deal over Rice so it can raise Iraq and the Patriot Act and all of its other complaints. There are plenty of chances to do that especially in Congress where it actually matters. If BC wants Rice, they have a right to have Rice. No one is demanding control over who your visitors are.
Re: Rice at BC, Monday May 22nd
19 May 2006
what a bunch of stupid crap spengler. You are a liar and have no proof of the ignorance you spew.
to not spengler
19 May 2006
can you comment on what you think about
a) the actual reason why the US invaded Iraq
b) the purported reasons given by Rice, Bush, Cheney, et al
c) the consequences, in human lives, of the invasion
d) the consequences in economic terms of the invasion
e) the consequences in foreign policy terms, of the invasion
f) why bemused should just feel so entitled and yet completely disengaged with the terrible mess of the iraq war
g) why you call the need to address the crimes of the bush administration as ignorance?
Re: Rice at BC, Monday May 22nd
19 May 2006
it is in the interest of the workers of the USA to have cheap energy. Cheap energy and high productivity are the two main reasons American workers of all races enjoy the highest living standards in the world. Most people in the Middle East would like to sell us oil. Ben Laden and the Islamist kooks would not. Our economy and families would be devasted with an Islamist middle east. Rice, James Baker, Bush and Cheney are the workers' best freinds.

The war is about OIL. I wish Bush were honest about it. Oil is good. It fuels civilization. I like civilization. It is good. It promotes freedom.

Our soldiers and the brave people of Iraq are fighting for the survival of a decent civilization as much as the incredible people in the US, Britain, Russia France and China who beat Fascism in WWII. We again fight Isalmist Fasicsm. Unfortutely there is a fifth column in this nation. Our President is too compassionate. Our enemies should be detained as they would be in maost nations whose existence is threatened, as our nation is threatened.
Re: Rice at BC, Monday May 22nd
19 May 2006
Spengler my apologies. I did not mention that I prefer a skim latte. However I do not advocate that it be heated with petroleum which should not be used as a heating or air conditioning fuel. Nuclear energy is more efficient and does not contribute to global warming (which is a phony issue anyway but we'll dicuss that over a skim vanilla latte anytime you prefer.)
joy peace happy club
19 May 2006
Condozilla Lice is not nice woman. In Japan we  call woman like that ばるばすた (boru-basuta). sorry my english not so great. i am learning! =)
Re: Rice at BC, Monday May 22nd
19 May 2006
Many would like to see Ms. Rice run for office. I'd support that! She is an intelligent woman who takes no shite from anyone or any country!
To Sesaka Sumoko
19 May 2006
You are a vanquished foe. Keep your opinions to yourself. Oh...and...nice job with bringing us World War 2.
The Bush Axis of Oil on Condoleezza
22 May 2006
Bush: "Sorry to Oil the Big Oil Skeeza (Rice) and the Mushroom Cloud but Oil comes First. Fill her up ?????"
Re: Rice at BC, Monday May 22nd
22 May 2006
First I would like to thank the bigots at BIMC for censoring my last post yet a sixth time. You should be ashamed. Now for the rest of you: You people are a bunch of RACISTS and SEXISTS ! You hate to see a sister rise to the top. You are all just sniveling privileged white college kids with no real job living off of mommy and daddy's trust funds. You need to get some sense of reality.
Re: Rice at BC, Monday May 22nd
22 May 2006
Laquisha, no one here believes you're actually a real black person. We have the nagging suspicion you might be trying to divide and conquer by playing races off each other. doesn't work in today's america you fools--we, unlike some countries, are overcoming our racist past.
Re: Rice at BC, Monday May 22nd
23 May 2006
First I would like to thank the bigots at BIMC for censoring my last post yet a sixth time. You should be ashamed. Now for the rest of you: You people are a bunch of RACISTS and SEXISTS ! You hate to see a sister rise to the top. You are all just sniveling privileged white college kids with no real job living off of mommy and daddy's trust funds. You need to get some sense of reality.
Racist Card = Red Herring
23 May 2006
the idea that a capitalist tool like Condi Rice, who is a proven habitual liar and apologist of the war machine, cannot be criticised because she is African American is ridiculous!

go ahead, call us all racists! you have no idea what you are doing. but it is clear to any independent observer: you are obscuring the facts of Rice's lies and criminality by muddying the pool with accusations of racism.

I Demand A Retraction
23 May 2006
On behalf of the Hon. Secretary Rice, a woman of distinction and former Provost of Stanford University, a real school, I demand a retraction from Panther and the howling mob of envious leeches who begrudge a woman her hard-earned respect. You cannot name one "lie" she has told. Remember geniuses, you have to show intent to deceive, not just making a mistake.

While you anti-Christians all believe you are as perfect as Christ, people make mistakes, and Ms. Rice has stated that.

Has Hate totally Blackened your secular materialist Hearts?
Re: Rice at BC, Monday May 22nd
24 May 2006
This is quite funny. Condi has done wha twas asked of her, to speak at a collge graduation, and moved on. Time for all of you to pack up your bongs and move on too!
Re: Rice at BC, Monday May 22nd
24 May 2006
Ignore that fake "@". He is an imposter trying to ruin the good name of @. We all know that Condoleeza Rice didn't lie, but what the heck? She is part of the Bush administration and our movement tells us that we must hate all things Bush. A good talking point is a good talking point. You see, we here in the leftist and anarchist community use catch phrases and talking points to communicate. As part of a movement we cannot succumb to independent thought because our strength lies in unity and solidairty. Let's take the George W. Bush prescription medicine benefit. Bill and Hillary couldn't get a prescription drug benefit passed in 8 years. George Bush did it and millions of senior citizens will benefit. But we are against it because we are against George W. Bush. That is called "strategy" or "strategery" as George W would call it. If we give the right any credit for the good that they do, then the general public might actually believe that the Administration does good things. So even though Condoleeza Rice is a successful woman who broke the glass ceiling and has done great and wonderful things for the nation and the world, we MUST hate her because there are two types of people in the world, us and them. If you are not one of us, you are one of them. Condi is one of them. The real @ has spoken.