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Announcement :: Politics
9/11Truth Radio Interview-May 21 at 8 a.m. WZBC
20 May 2006
9-11 Truth Radio Interview- Sunday, May 21, at about 8AM on WZBC
Boston 9/11 Truth Group Movie Presentation-May 24 at 7 p.m.-West Newton Cinema
I have two announcements:
1. I am the webmaster of I will be a guest this Sunday, May 21,on Stan Robinson’s show called Truth and Justice Radio, Boston College’s radio station,WZBC, 90.3 FM. I will be interviewed by him about the lies and deceptions of the Bush administration regarding its planning and orchestration of 9/11. I will be interviewed by Stan Robinson. The interview will start sometime between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m..

2. Boston 9/11Truth Committee proudly presents: September 11 Revisited
Film features eyewitness accounts and news footage shot on
September 11, 2001 and never shown again...until now.
The showing will be followed by a question and answer period and discussion.
Were the Twin Towers and WTC 7 actually brought down by explosives?
Why were all videos of the attack on the Pentagon confiscated?
Was it simple “coincidence” that multiple war games coincided with the attacks,
leaving our air defenses too confused to respond in time?
Is it possible that US Officials were involved?
Featuring BYU Physics Professor Stephen E. Jones,
Claremont Professor Emeritus David Ray Griffin
and MIT Research Engineer Jeff King
Wednesday May 24, 2006, 7:00 pm
West Newton Cinema
1296 Wash. St. [Rte 16], West Newton, MA
Free admission--donations gratefully accepted
For more information contact Chris Gruener at 617-965-6552

Very Truly Yours,

Joe Lopisi, Webmaster
Web site:

This work is in the public domain
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20 May 2006
Just after the Nazis got state power in Germany they wanted to crack down on the Communist Party. The Communists had received 5,000,000 votes in the previous election, and German Capitalists were nervous. Trotsky had said, when Hitler got power, that the Red Army should invade Germany immediately and smash the Nazis. Stalin urged communists and socialists to vote for liberal capitalists.

The Nazis wanted an excuse for a crack down. Nazis set fire to the Reichstag Building, Germany’s parliament. The fire was blamed on the Communist Party. The Nazi lead government began to arrest Communists and Labor Union leaders.

What would people think of someone who spent the next ten years, with each day bringing new Nazis atrocities, trying to prove that the Nazis started the Reichstag fire?

That’s what your endless “9-11” truth movement is like.

So what are the 9/11 theorists trying to prove. That white Americans can also be hurt by US Imperialism? That if white people knew the government might hurt them they will turn against Capitalism. Or is this a chance for some Right Wing proto-fascists to spread their theory that the US government is a “Zionist Occupation Government?” Since the Democrats go along with anything the Bush government proposes, why aren’t you angry at the Democrats?
911 truth couldn't be simpler
20 May 2006
a horrific crime has been commited and the guilty have not been conclusively identified. Sign the petition for Sibel Edmonds' gag order to be released and she can tell all she knows about high crimes. Why would you NOT want to know?
Re: 9/11Truth Radio Interview-May 21 at 8 a.m. WZBC
21 May 2006
Mossad always leaves plenty of clues after they commit their covert crimes.because they can get away with it.The pearl Harbor PNAC false flag operation.They even openly admit to their plan to get the US into the war in Iraq.It's on the PNAC website.[Project for a new American century].The zionist think tank that works for Israel.Could it get anymore obvious?
and your point is, LIam?
21 May 2006
first, the idea that anyone in Nazi Germany would be able to press the issue of the Reichstag fire for six years w/o getting eliminated is absurd.

second, the idea that we have "freedom of speech" in America is daily eroded by the tightening noose of the Bush administration policies on (totally unlawful) surveillance of innocent Americans. the so called "main-stream" media are just sycophants, repeating ad-nauseum the lies of the Administration. what happens on the internet is both a fantastic gethering of information, and at the same time continuous obfuscation by freepers and provacateurs who actively seek to destroy any uncovering of truth.

so Liam, do you think that 9-11, which is the cornerstone and the icon of the Bushist Putsch agains the American people is so irrelavant? the uncovering of the fact that Bush-Cheney and their despicable cronies (Rice, Rumsfeld, Feith, Perle, Hadley, Cambone, Bolton, Baker, Chertoff, etc) have their fingerprints all over the treacherous attack on our country is not worth proving?

Liam, you are self-incriminating. Provacateur! Neo-con apologist! What you are saying is dogshit. You will be made to eat it, as the truth shows what Americans need to know.

Question: how do you defend your statement that the proof and demonstration of the Bush crimes are not important?

It is ridiculous to say that "we" the obsessed do not criticize Democrats who go along with the Bush "doctrine" of war profiteering and butchery? Are you mad? I, for one, (and I don't speak for the rest of your fictional "we") despise the lapdogs.

Recent events in Connecticut reveal that I am not alone...Leiberman is humiliated by a nearly unknown green candidate! And he deserves to be tossed into the shitheap of infamy, along with his murdering friends in the White House.

But what is YOUR excuse, Liam?

What 9-11 investigators are GOING to prove is the TRUTH! Consequently, people who make facetious arguments for seemingly no purpose except to deny the truth from emerging will look alot like collaborators. Vichy swine? Does that label seem fitting, Liam?
Re: 9/11Truth Radio Interview-May 21 at 8 a.m. WZBC
22 May 2006
Press Advisory, May 10, 2006

Media Contacts-
September11press (at)
Michael Berger (314) 308-4893
Bryan Sacks (267) 228-0136
Carol Brouillet- (650) 857-0927

9/11- Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming the Future
Chicago-O’Hare Rosemont, Illinois
June 2-4, 2006,
Embassy Suites Hotel
Authors, researchers, activists and political candidates associated with the growing 9/11 truth movement will gather at the Embassy Suites Hotel (Chicago-O'Hare Rosemont) June 2-4 for a weekend of exposition and strategy aimed at challenging the conventional view of the 9-11 attacks, and raising public awareness of their full scope. Educational presentations will offer alternate analyses of both the meaning and etiology of the attacks, and strategy sessions will consider constitutional approaches to reining in elements within the US government who have criminally chosen to ignore constitutional protections since 9/11 and plan further encroachments on individual rights. Speakers scheduled to attend include Peter Phillips of Project Censored, BYU Physics professor Steven E. Jones, news commentator Alex Jones, Canadian media critic Barrie Zwicker and California 9/11 truth Congressional candidate Carol Brouillet.

The 9/11 Commission Report failed to answer (or to even address) the majority of questions posed by the family members of 9/11 victims, and the Commissioners likewise did not see fit to consider evidence and issues raised by 9/11 researchers. Polls show that a growing majority believes that there has been a cover-up of 9/11, fueling the diminishing popularity of the Bush administration, and the growing demand for impeachment.

While 9/11 researchers and activists disagree about many aspects of what did happen, they unanimously agree that there has been a systemic obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, and a cover-up of 9/11-related information engineered by high-ranking officials. Members of the highly decentralized 9/11 truth movement have organized rallies, marches, educational events, produced films, television, radio programs, art and music to challenge the official story, inspire people to investigate the facts about that day and to push for accountability of government officials' criminal behavior.

Conference presenters will gather to share evidence and to discuss strategy in hopes of further mobilizing the public to hold officials accountable for their crimes, and remove them from positions of power. They further hope to prevent future “9/11’s” by exposing the mechanics and history of special operations and false flag terror events that have been used by governments to gain support for wars and to justify domestic repression.

A press conference will be held at 1pm on Friday, June 2nd at the Chicago-O’Hare Embassy Suites Hotel in Rosemont, IL. Conference registration begins at 4 pm. The conference program will run from Friday evening until Sunday at 6pm. Details at- Sponsors include, Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth.
Never Give Up! Understand Liam?
23 May 2006
I'm sick of hearing the "selected one" mouth off about 911. Every sicking day, the prez shoots his yap off about 911. Scare tatics. And more lies.
The only truth is our government set the whole disgusting thing up. And if you, or any neo lover wants to carry on, about our government wasn't invovled? Then you are either working for the government. Or you're a complete moron.
Well? Tell us? Which one are you?
The Bush Tribunal on 9-11 via Langley Films Inc.
24 May 2006
Black Op: "My Name is Osama Yer Mama and I did the 9-11 Bomba. But Moussaui is innocent. He was gonna Bomb Disneyland." Bush: "Heh Heh. Aint I a Stinker."
Re: 9/11Truth Radio Interview-May 21 at 8 a.m. WZBC
05 Jun 2006
Wikipedia defines an Internet Troll as: "An Internet troll is either a person who sends messages on the Internet hoping to entice other users into angry or fruitless responses, or a message sent by such a person." Boston IMC strives to provide both a grassroots media resource as well as a forum for people to contribute to a meaningful discussion about local issues. Please, when posting comments, be respectful of others and ignore those trying to interrupt or discourage meaningful discourse. Thank you.

Of course, the allure of forums such as this is precisely to bring out the "trolls" as a meaningful discussion of any issue is neither entertaining or something the common man is capable of.