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Announcement :: Human Rights
Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
23 May 2006
Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
Tomorrow, Wednesday May 24, Boston Zionists including the Israeli Consul will be celebrating their occupation of Jerusalem, the capital of historic Palestine, at the Boston Public Library in Copley Square at 6 PM. Nowadays Jerusalem is divided by an apartheid wall. All of Palestine is ruled by the racist apartheid israeli terror state. Indigenous Palestinian Arabs - the ones who still remain in Palestine - are issued region-specific IDs that mark them as being allowed to reside in the West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem, or so-called "Israel". These Palestinian Arabs are not allowed free travel to the other regions of Palestine, are denied access to decent housing, farmland, work, and services, and are subject to constant harassment by israeli terrorists who are armed by the US government. Millions of other indigenous Palestinian Arabs are refugees in the diaspora and are barred by the israeli apartheid state from returning to their homes in Palestine. At the same time the israeli state not only allows but encourages Jews and persons of Jewish ethnic backgrounds in any part of the world - most of whom have no historical connection with Palestine - to come settle in Palestine where they enjoy extravagant lifestyles subsidized by the U.S. government and denied to indigenous Palestinian Arabs.

Jerusalem Day is an official israeli holiday. Please join concerned anti-racist activists at the Boston Public Library at 6 PM on Wednesday to protest against this obscene racist celebration.

Victory to the Intifada! From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free!

This work is in the public domain
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Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
24 May 2006
Boston Public library Rabb Lecture Hall 617-536-5400
(Ext. 2212).
The Rabb Lecture Hall is in the Johnson Building on
the lower level next to Audiovisual Services. The Hall
is a 342 seat auditorium which can be used for free
public programs. The facilities include an in-house
piano, podium, and a public address sound system. It
has the capability of 16mm film projection, video
projection and slide projection on a 17' x 46' screen
For further information, call the Public Services
Office at 617-859-2212
Jerusalem is There: Come and Get It
24 May 2006
Every day something is celebrated in Israel. That is because Israelis are successful despite constant efforts by Arab fascist nationalists and their leftist dupes in the West to install an Islamist fascist state in Jerusalem.

If you are real "anti-Zionists", you would be on the streets every day protesting that day's anniversary of Zionist success. If you contact the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, I am sure they would donate funds to you to allow you to highlight Zionist successes and "Palestinian" (or whatever their name is these days) failures. The entire year could be filmed and we could make a 60 second rapid fire film of your wasted year. We might win an Oscar. (That is a German name, not a Zionist name. Don't Worry). Happy Naba Day or whatever today's Palestine Loser of the Week Day it is.
24 May 2006
Jerusalem is once again the capital of the Jewish nation; as it was the capital of the Jewish nation more than 2,000 years ago.

Arab-Israelis are in fact allowed to travel anywhere in Israel they want to go including being elected and serving in the Israeli government. That is why so many non-Israeli arabs (and especially terrorists) want to marry them and gain access to those Identifcation cards.
Reasons why Jews feel a need for Israel and its Protection
24 May 2006
Jews on alert after harassment

Don Sawyer didn't think much of the tall white man that tried to run him down with a red pickup truck last Friday night.

Perhaps that man, who smelled of alcohol, was just looking for some trouble, Sawyer said, and didn't care that he was wearing a kippah and walking home from dinner at a friend's house after service.

Don Sawyer, shown at work, was knocked down by a pickup truck Friday in Sandy Springs. Police are investigating other incidents.

But when other members of Congregation Anshei Chesed, a 45-member Jewish temple which meets in various homes in southern Sandy Springs, revealed similar stories of running from a red pickup truck on Friday nights, Sawyer changed his mind.

"If this is a serious thing and he's got it in for people, at a hate level," Sawyer said. "Let's take him down."

After running his red pickup onto the curb and knocking down Sawyer, who walks with a cane because of an injured leg, the man jumped out of his truck and started pushing Sawyer backward, yelling "you touched my truck."

He then bumped Sawyer with his chest and, according to a police report obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, slapped Sawyer's black kippah from his head, kicking the traditional Jewish cap and screamed curses at him. "I'm glad I'm not a Jew," Sawyer said the attacker yelled before driving away.

The man has not been captured, and police are investigating this as well as another resident's report of a man in a red truck. Even in Sandy Springs, which has an estimated Jewish population of about 15,000, six synagogues and three Jewish schools, Jewish residents who walk to service on Friday nights and Saturday, say the attack on Sawyer concerns them.

"There's a tendency among people to push these things aside," said Rabbi Moshe Parnes, rabbi of the Congregation Anshei Chesed, who, nearly two years ago, had a passer-by scream a racial slur and throw a soda can at his 10-year old son as he walked to synagogue. And Tuesday, the rabbi received a threatening voice mail on his cellphone.

"It's happened too many times," he said.

City Councilman Tibby DeJulio, who said Sawyer was attacked only a few blocks away from his house, said "there's absolutely no room for [prejudice] any place, especially in Sandy Springs." He added that the Council will "do whatever necessary to ensure the safety, no matter what color, ethnicity, or nationality" of residents.

Lynette Joel, another member of Congregation Anshei Chesed, said six months ago, she, her husband, and three of her adult children had to cut through side streets and backyards to escape a red pickup truck speeding down Highpoint Road and trying to get onto the sidewalk to hit them as they walked home Friday night following dinner after service.

"No normal person does that type of thing on a sidewalk to anybody," said Joel who now skips dinner and goes straight home on Friday nights. It's one of those "let's frighten the Jews on Friday night. Let's have fun."

Fulton County police officers said they are investigating both incidents. Detective Glenn Kalish, from the Major Case Division, said that until officers have more information, they are treating Sawyer's case as an aggravated assault and battery and not a hate crime since it's unclear if "from the onset this was targeted as a hate crime," or just a case of a drunken driver.

Deborah Lauter, Southeast regional director for the Anti-Defamation League, said it doesn't matter if the incidents are tagged hate crimes because the "impact on the victim is the same."

"They feel singled out because they were Jewish," she added. "It doesn't matter if the person was doing it just because they are drunk, the whole community can get nervous."

Rabbi Joshua Heller of Congregation B'nai Torah, about three miles north of where the incident occurred, said he plans to be more careful when walking to the synagogue with his children. Rabbi Yossi New of Congregation Beth Tefillah, a synagogue about a half-mile from Congregation Anshei Chesed, said he's arranged for security guards to escort teenage girls from the synagogue on Friday night to their homes.
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
24 May 2006
Something to ponder: Why haven't all of Israel's Arab neighbors, who allegedly support the Palestinians, ceded parcels of land so that the Palestinians can have a homeland ?
24 May 2006
The Anti-Defamation League has urged people to ignore Nazi street rallies. In one case they even used a Nazi demonstration as a fundraising event, with people pledging money based on how long a Nazi rally lasted.

The Anti-Defamation League has spied on Leftists who supported Anti-Apartied activist in South Africa, and Leftist Revolutionaries in Central America, handing lists of names and license plate numbers over to government spy agencies in the US and other countries. The Anti-Defamation League is allied with Christian Right Wingers who believe that Israel must rebuild the Temple and be destroyed for “Christ” to return at Armageddon.

And when the Right Wing Death squad wanna-bes turn on Jewish people…..the Anti-Defamation League has helped create the climate that allows these sinister forces to grow.
Only good anti-semitic neo-nazi is a bulldozed anti-Semitic neo-nazi!
24 May 2006
Only good anti-semitic neo-nazi is a bulldozed anti-Semitic neo-nazi!
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
24 May 2006
Palestine is not a jewish homeland and what many westerners call jerusalem is not a Jewish city. Hebrews were one of many foriegn invadors of the land. hebrew invadors forced the enslaved locals to build cities and temples. Then Roman invadors drove the Judeans out of hebrew occupied Canaan and destroyed the city called Jerusalem. 40 years later, Romans had the local Canaanite slave race rebuild a city where Jerusalem once was built for the hebrew invadors by thier Canaanite slaves.

What you know as Jerusalem is not a Jewish city and calling it "Jerusalem" will never make it a Jewish city. ZIonist occupation will never make it a jewish city.

Jesus implied and John came right out and said it, the third temple is to be found in the heart. There will never be a forth temple. Any real Christians would know that. Zionism is the abomination of desolation. And all who support Zionism are as doomed and damned as the Zionists themselves are.
Troll, an angry little person
24 May 2006
troll you are turning red and spitting again.

When looking at your posts it just makes me feel sorry for your ignorant self.
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
24 May 2006
Just laying out what the bible says clearly enough and a little bit of history. What, if Hebrews slaughtering or enslaving the locals 3000 years ago really does make palestine a Jewish homeland, then lets hear it. 2nd cronicles chapter 2 puts the number of Canaanitie slaves at what??? And 2nd cronicles chapter 8 NAMES them what??? And this is the cronicles of a king, not religious ramblings of a prophet or sage.

Jesus' boy Simon was a Canaanite. Canaanites were a part of the land even after Romans kicked judeans out of the land Hebrews occupied but was never thier's anymore than it was the Roman invadors/occupiers. Ignorant masses might not know about the history of the land. But that is thier problem.

Zionism is the abomination of desolation and ZIonists and thier enablers will be destroyed by God just as Adam and Eve would have been destroyed if he tried to return to Eden. That isn't my problem. Palestinians are the biblical Israel. Zionists are the enemies of God. Again, that isn't my problem. Good luck in hell. Not that luck will help you any.

You folks should be protesting the use of the word "jerusalem" because Jerusalem it isn't. That place was destroyed by romans and a "roman" city was built where Hebrew invadors forced local slaves to build Jerusalem wich is no more and hasn't been for over 1900 years.

Also, real Christians should point out that Zionists are not the biblical "Israel" and that Zionists only highjacked the name.
Screw the Bible
24 May 2006
The Israel nation has existed in every way the international commiunity recognizes a nation. You have to work, sacrifice and yes die for a country. Some Jews have done that for Israel. Troll, your rants are just words. People live real lives in the Land of Israel. They have famileis dreams and build instituions. Practical things that a frustrated mental fantasist like you would not understand. A nation is not words. It is Life. Israel has Life.
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
24 May 2006
Ohhh, Zionists have a flag, and a currency and diplomatic recognition of people who have no business giving the Palestinian's homeland to ANYONE. too bad Zionists don't have a birthright of murderous theft of Palestinian lands, or your WORDS might actualy hold something of substance.

Nazis had life too, and like Zionist crusaders, they took lives for thier own gain. Evil is as evil does. Sure, murderous thieving zionist crusaders have institutions and dreams, so did the allegedly Christian crusaders. Building practicle things, like Nazis building a rocket institution in Poland, doesn't give ZIonists a birthright of murderous theft of even 1 single rock in Palestine and it wouldn't make democrap and republitrash support for the ZIonist's crusade any less of an offense. It really is that simple.

You obviously wish to ONLY see how good the Zionist's bloodsoakerd crusade is for the ZIonists crusaders. Not only is that mentaly deficiant, it is idolotry. Beautiful lies or the ugly truth. That is a choice ALL mortals have had to make in this world. And those who choose the beautiful lies only show that they choose Satan over God.
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
25 May 2006
I LOVE the BIMC Troll!! not sarcasm.
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
25 May 2006
Britts once created a political entity including both Palestine and Jordan and called the political entity "Trans-Jordan". "TRANS" Ain't that a funny name to give to the people of palestine??? "Trans"?

And Britts promised Palestinian lands to ZIonist invadors like nazis promised Slovakian lands to thier h8ngarian friends. And like Hungarian invadors of Slovakia, Zionists took the offer of a European power broker and invaded Palestine (AKA, "trans"). And prejudiced propagandists would have the less thinking of people believe that because Brittish occupiers once form a political entity called trans-Jordan, that Zionists are not murderous thieves of palestinian lands.

Troll uses multiple names
28 May 2006
theTroll and his piss-poor spelling has always been consistant and it shows that he is posting on this thread under multiple names.

Besides "Tiger" using the same arab propaganda that is used by theTroll the "Tiger" also uses the same miss spelling of the world "their".

troll its time you went back under the bridge with the other garbage. One day when you grow up and stop being such a little bigot you can come out into the light of day and join the rest of use civilized beings.
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
28 May 2006
Respecting the Palestinian's basic human right not to be destroyed by Zionists doesn't make me a bigot any more than you calling me a bigot would make me a bigot. IF you COULD attack the message, you would have done so by now. Instead, all you can accomplish is vacant slander. Wow, are we ever so impressed? Your problem is that you are a troll.

But your appeasment of the Zionist's offenses against palestinians, JUST because ZIonists are Jews does show that you are not "civilied" but the true bigot. Zionists have no birthright of murderous theft of even 1 single rock in Palestine, even if you bigots give them your blessings to be murderous thieves of palestinian lands. Palestine is no more your's to be giving to Zionist crusaders than it was the Pope's and monarch's of Europe to be giving to allegedly Christian cruaders.


Thanks for showcasing how vacant of actual substance you really are.
a lie is not a message
28 May 2006
troll, all you do is repeat the same tired lie over and over again. It did not work for goebles and it does not work for you. Countering your lies is just not worth the entertainment return value.

We can only hope that one day you will wake up and realize that going to sources of fictitious information that wrongly confirm your bigoted views of events will end. One day you may actually realize that that changing the word "Zionist" for "Jew" is still based in your hatred and pathology and should be treated as the illness that it is.
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
28 May 2006
Just because Zionists are murderous thieves doesn't mean that all Jews are murderous thieves. But you appease the offenses of murderous thieving Zionists just because the Zionists also happen to be Jews. That showcases your prejudices. Noone else's.

Oh, what lie? Are you going to tell us that Palestine IS your's to be giving to Zionist crusaders???

Calling me a liar doesn't make me a liar. repeating that lie ain't gonna make it truth. Your tactic of transferance is pathetic and pathological.
Hamas Boasts: Hitler Liked Us
28 May 2006
The Hamas newspaper Al-Rissala proudly lists foreign leaders who have expressed support for the Palestinians—leaders such as Adolf Hitler. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)

The Hamas newspaper this week chronicled with pride the ways in which different foreign leaders singled out the Palestinians as examples of ideal revolutionaries. The first leader cited by the Hamas weekly, Al-Rissala, for praising the Palestinians was Adolf Hitler:

“Adolf Hitler, while exciting the Germans of the Sudetenland - the Sudetenland is a German province that the Allies had annexed to Czechoslovakia after the First World War - told them in his broadcasts: Look at what the Palestinian revolutionaries are doing to Great Britain!!”
[Al-Rissala (Hamas Weekly), May 18, 2006]

It may be surprising to Western observers to see Palestinians taking pride in having been praised by Hitler. But it is important to understand that the utter revulsion of Hitler expected in the West is not true in Palestinian society. Palestinians can be found who are named “Hitler” as a first name: Hitler Salah [Al Hayat Al Jadida, Sept. 28, 2005], Hitler Abu-Alrab [Al Hayat Al Jadida, Jan. 27, 2005], Hitler Mahmud Abu-Libda [Al Hayat Al Jadida, Dec.18, 2000].

This phenomenon of Palestinians being named after Hitler was explained in an article in the official PA daily praising the rewriting of history and the doing of “justice” to Hitler:

“Even Adolf Hitler, who after the fall of Nazi Germany turned into a political horror for most of the writers and artists, during the last decades has started to return himself to his part of the picture. There are some in Britain who defended Hitler and tried to do justice for him. There are elderly people, among them Arabs, who still carry the name Hitler since their fathers, who were charmed by him, linked them [their children] with his name.”
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, April 13, 2000]

One article explained the phenomenon of naming Palestinians after admired foreign leaders - such as Napoleon and the Nazi General Rommel:

“Sometimes parents name their children with foreign names, due to the father’s admiration to a foreign personality. This is the source of the names: Rommel [famous Nazi General] and Napoleon.”
[Al-Ayyam, November 15, 2001 “Woman’s Voice” supplement].

The admiration for Hitler is consistent with the status of Mein Kampf, which a PA daily cited as a book on the best sellers’ list.
[Al Hayat Al Jadida, Sept. 2, 1999].
Hamas heart Hitler
28 May 2006
OK you zionist haters! it's now kosher for you to change your names from Troll or the Enemy to Hitler.

Releases that pent up tension, doesn't it?
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
28 May 2006

So, if zionist is just a word that jew-haters use to conceal their jew hatred, is rabbi goldstein a jew hater? An orthodox-jew is a jew-hater? squeeze me? baking powder? why do kelly and bemused try to spread hatred by pretending there is no deifference between a jew and a zionist? let me explain. jews used to live peacefully in the holy land with everyone else. one day, some nimrod decided--hey, we should make a jewish state somewhere, so we can have a jewish army, etc. religious jews like rabbi goldstein said no no, that is blasphemous. judaism is all about waiting for GOD to deliver them. to do it yourself is blasphemy, and in fact the first zionists were not religious at all. they were totally secular jews. many religious jews saw the holocaust as god's punishment for not doing enough to stop the zionist movement. zionists employed terrorist tactics, even. they blew up the biggest synagogue in Iraq and blamed it on arab muslims. why? to scare the Iraqi Jews out of Iraq and into Palestine, where they needed them for cannon fodder. oh yes, zionists are champions of the jews like bush is a champion of americans. it's all a power grab by any means necessary. so next time someone tries to guilt you into accepting the zionist movement and the zionist state as the legitimate representatives of world jewry, tell them that rabbi goldstein and many other Torah True Jews do not agree, and ask them when exactly Jews around the world voted for zionists to be their representatives, and why zionists have a history of attacking people, including jews, and blaming it on others. in other words, think before you come off as the jewish equivalent of a fox news watching bush redneck, i.e. a zionist.
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
28 May 2006
I am a zionist of the WW2 era. I collaborated with Hitler because I knew that it would help me get a zionist state in palestine. when people offered to take in jewish refugees, i stopped them and said Palestine or nowhere. Sure, lots of Jews were gassed who otherwise might have been saved, but they died for the sake of the zionist state which has done so much good for jews around the world by being so nice to the people who they kicked out of palestine. i mean, they didn't realize that's why they got gassed, and most people to this day know nothing about it, but it's not because of anything we zionists do, it's just that, well,.... we're zionists! we do whatever the f*** we want and blame arabs. that gets the arabs really pissed and some of them even try to kill one or two jews. when they do that, we just kill 5 or 6 palestinians and the cycle continues and escalates. by paying off american politicians and spying on them through our very own political action committee, AIPAC, we can get away with it because we have shared values with americans. like separation of church and state--no wait--that's not one of our values... equal rights for all citizens--wait no, not that one. Ummmm... OH YEAH!! after 9-11, ignorant americans decided they HATED MUSLIMS!! and that is one value we definitely share!
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
28 May 2006
No, I do not JUST repeat phrases you don't like hearing. I repeat those phrases WHILE I explain them. There is a huge differance between that and argument ad nauseum. Your saying repatition is ALL I do IS argument ad nauseum, and quite void of any substance.

Some Palestinians naming thier kids Hitler doesn't give ZIonists a birthright of murderous theft of 1 single rock in Palestine. If that was your supposition to begin with. hard to figure out just what point you were trying to make. But no, Palestinians naming thier kids Hitler isn't even conparable to the offenses Nazis commited, or to the atrocoties ZIonists have been commiting since before 1948, which ARE commparable to the Nazi's atrocities.
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
29 May 2006
The chosen people of God were chosen to occupy the holy land and no one can deny us this.The Bible makes this very clear.Who could imagine that less than 3% of the US population could have so much power and money.We own congress and the white house.The most powerful nation in the world does whatever we command.No politician dares to turn down AIPAC.Turn on your tv and watch us and listen to us we control your media.This isn't a miracle,it's our destiny,a gift from God.I won't lower myself to argue with anti-semites,they know they can't win.I accept we can't convince every American to support us,but the majority is behind us 100%.
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
29 May 2006
Is Sharon dead yet? Or is he still just a vegetable?
29 May 2006
Sharon is still alive. He is just digesting "Palestine". Burp.
Kelly fail english? that's unpossible!
29 May 2006
Troll uses multiple names
by kelly
(No verified email address) 28 May 2006
theTroll and his piss-poor spelling has always been consistant

That is PRECIOUS Kelly. Sometimes I forget what silly hypocrites you all are. for the record: consistent with an E
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
29 May 2006
I gotta hand it to you folks for staying on topic.
IMC is about the only fucking place we can discuss Palestine and Israel. Maybe when we start doing it without just reverting to name calling, we'll be able to work out some solutions.
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
30 May 2006
"solutions"? to what? Public buildings being used by fanatics to celibrate murderous theft? No? Solutions to palestinian lands being occupied by murderous thieving Zionists??? No? Solutions to democraps and republitrash selling out America's peace by supplying murderous thieving Zionists with weapons of death and destruction that Zionists have been suing to steal more and more Palestinian lands over the DECADES??? No?

Solutions to what, I wonder.

Just what needs a solution, as you see it???
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
30 May 2006
Come on. What needs solutions? problems, need solutions. And looking for solutions is an impotent gesture if you don't even know what the problem is. So...What is the problem???

Is the problem that Palestinians fail to go quietly into this good night??? Those dirt poor peasants don't want to be the wipping boy for your societies cruelty against Jews??? What, you don't know what a wipping boy is, or did I spell it wrong? maybe it is whipping boy. Anyway, here is how that worked. A noble wouldn't want to whip his own son when his son was bad, after all, the son was a noble, so he had a peasant boy become the son's friend. And when the son was bad, the whipping boy would get the whipping. SOmehow, we are expected to believe that punishing/destroying Palestinian peasants by aiding the Zionist's chosen war of conquest is going top be good for our society. Man, is our society fucked up when it believes such horse shit.
Stop Troll's Racist Comments Against the Palestinian People
30 May 2006
the untreated Troll continues to babble. our expedition to the Amazon has set off; it could take months however to find a cure. (we will not let you down, Troll).

However, as Troll, if he were in his Right mind would want us to do, would state, most Palestinians are not "peasants" as the deranged Troll claims. Most Palestinians are well-educated people who qualify for a variety of white collar and professional jobs. As Troll will chuckle along with me once his cure is complete, Palestinians are most often compared wth .............JEWS!

Of course that would make Palestinians lying thieving murderous people, if you believed the deranged Troll. but you know, I know, and the cured Troll will know, that Palestinians and Jews are just people. some great, some dumb, some bad, some funny, and some deranged.

In the meantime, Run for Troll's Cure. Our expedition is very expensive.
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
30 May 2006
Palestinians and Jews are just people. Nazis were people too. Zionists and Nazis fall into the catagory of murderous thieves. Not all Jews fall into that catagory, just as palestinians do not.

Go ahead a run away run away by nit picking on a word. Peasants. Well, it could mean un-educated. Usualy it means the downtrodden folks who are ruled by others. Folks who have no say in thier own lives. since interloapers have chosen that position for the Palestinians, they certainly do qualify as peasants.

For slavery to exist, 3 things are needed: Slaves, masters, and the political entity that decides who gets to dump on whom. Someone (?) has decided that ZIonists get to dump on Palestinians. Why they think thay have such authority never seems to be explained. Probably because there is NO such authority, only the power to do so.
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
30 May 2006
Thanks for being so void of anything of actual substance. Your vacant propaganda makes this so easy.
How Does the Palestine Economy Get Wrecked When Slaves Don't Get A Paycheck?
31 May 2006
Other than corruption and gross incompetience, one reason that the Palesitninan economy is a wreck is the frequent border closures necessitated by maniac bombers crossing into Israel who pose as one of the thousands of well-paid workers employed by Israeli businesses and farms. Troll the Economist claims that the Israelis who employ these Palestinians are not only "thieving murdering" [always] zionists but that they hold these Palestinians as slaves. I don't recall Pharoah pumping milliions of bucks into the slave economy of the anicient Hebrews (also "murdering thieves" who later swiped "Canaan" according to Troll from the rightful inhabitants of the land-all 999 tribes living in Canaan at the time).

Pay-A-Slave. What a new concept. Leave it to murdering thieving zionists to pay slaves! those sly people are up to something again, but they cannot get this scheme by the quick-witted Troll.
Boston loves its Freedom Troll!!
31 May 2006
Thank you Troll for your dedication. I'm going to start wearing my keffiyeh around town. Anyone can see that Zionism is the inspiration for Bushevikism. Who would have thought that the U.S. would have its very own occupied territories in the middle east? As if Americans, like Jews, had really asked for or insisted on these wars of conquest. Nonsense! Bushevikism and Zionism are the projects of amoral and irreligious poseurs who fly the flag of religiosity in order to fool the world (the less informed portions of it anyway) into thinking that their cause is noble and just. Well guess what? Noble and just causes do not require heavy handed police tactics at home and murderous campaigns abroad. Noble and just causes are those that come from the hearts of people--ALL people, including conscientious Jews and Americans who reject the methods and programs of the vicious men and women who lick their bloody teeth while sending children away to kill other children. Think God is down with that? I don't think so. Judaism teaches that God punishes humanity when it gets out of hand. When humans decided they would play God and make "Israel", God became angry and Hitler happened. Now murderers have been unleashed by people claiming (as usual) to have God on their side and boy is God pissed at Bush Cheney Rumsfeld, Silverstein, Perle, Wolfowitz, the other Bush, Feith, Bush Daddy, Katherine Harris, Rice, Ashcroft, Myers, etc. It's a hard rain that's a gonna fall my friends. A hard rain indeed.
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
31 May 2006
Hasn't the vegetable and his family been investigated for their corruption and cronyism? Yeah, I think so. Difference is the American taxpayer is not footing the bill for Palestinian corruption. Wow, Zionists are such good and noble people. I think I might choke on that huge ball of shared values I'm trying to swallow. Too bad, I was really relishing the side of vegetable. Mmmmmmm, vegetable.....
Re: Wed 5/24 Protest Jerusalem Day at the Boston Public Library 6PM
31 May 2006
Did I say palestinians were the slaves of Zionists? I don't recall that.

Many a Pole tried to get work at Oscar Schindlers factory in Krakow. The rest of poland also found themselves having to work at newly owned Nazi businesses and farms in nazi occupied Poland. I guess, like Palestinians in ZIonist occupied Palestine, Poles would rather work in the factories stolen by Nazis than to watch thier families starve to death. Pharoh didn't give money to slaves, but did provide enough to live, as nazis did in Poland to those who would work for Nazi occupiers. Yep, after ZIonists stole Palestinian lands, Zionists let Palestinians work in Zionist occupied Palestinian lands. ZIonists are at least as magnaimous as the Nazi invadors of Poland were. Which isn't saying too much.

Wow, you sure are grasping at anything to rationalize the Zionist's offenses. Oh, so it is corruption and gross incompitance is it? Is that also why Poles suffered under Nazi occupiers??? Pathetic.
The animals kill their own
31 May 2006
Masked Al Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades gunmen on Tuesday publicly executed a Palestinian man and woman they suspected of having spied for Israel.

The man was shot dead in the main street of a refugee camp, with a large crowd looking on. The woman was later shot to death by her relatives in the courtyard of the West Bank’s largest hospital.

The Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades, an offshoot of Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah movement, accused Jafal Abu Tzrur, 24, of having informed the IDF where to find three of its members. The three were killed by IDF troops during a raid on the Balata refugee camp near Nablus earlier this year.

Al Aksa gunmen interrogated Abu Tzrur, claimed he confessed and then dragged him into Balata’s main street. As a large crowd looked on, the gunmen threw Abu Tzrur to the ground, witnesses said. When he tried to get up, the gunmen killed him with several shots, the witnesses said.

The movement said it also killed Odad Abu Mustafa, 27, a Nablus woman. Abu Mustafa was married to one of the Aksa men slain by Israel, and was reportedly having an affair with Abu Tzrur.

Abu Mustafa, a mother of four, was shot by gunmen and male relatives on grounds that she shamed her clan. More than 15 people took part in the execution, witnesses said. It took place in the courtyard of Raffidiyeh Hospital, the West Bank’s largest.

She was then taken into the courtyard of the hospital, said Yousef Mahmoud, 18, who witnessed the killing.

“One of the gunmen said ‘where is her brother?’ and when he stepped forward they said to him ‘you know what you need to do,”’ he said. “The brother took out a gun and shot her in the head with one bullet.”

Mahmoud said the brother then emptied the entire clip into the body of his sister, while the surrounding gunmen fired into the air. He said that the woman remained silent throughout and did not resist her captors.

Neighbors of the woman said she had four children; two boys and two girls, ranging in age from 11 to three and a half.
gee, Israel NEVER does anything bad to its enemies
31 May 2006
Besides, your point I know is that because sometimes Palestinians kill heir own, it's obviously OK for Israel to kill them too, since palestinians are just animals. I wonder how many Israeli Jews are offed every year by the Israeli mafia? those animals!! killing their own! the suicide bombers are just helping Jews kill other Jews, so it's ok. Boy, Zionist rationalisations are about as rational as Zionism itself! What a surprise! Heck, if God were on MY side, and He had Chosen ME, then of COURSE I'd feel entitled to murder anyone objecting to my stealing their land in His name. Huh? Oops, sorry I forgot--Zionists are full of shit! And they don't believe in God they believe in conquest and money and theft and murder. Those are the four pillars of the religion called Zionism, which is VERY different--RADICALLY different from Judaism. Neoconservative Judaism--mmmmm, smells like religious fascism to me! No wonder their archenemies are the ISLAMOfascists--the middle east only has room for one fascist pseudo-religious group obviously. So, why does Israel have a "right to exist" again? I just can't see it.
roll back israel
31 May 2006
I think it's high time we "roll back" Israel and start from scratch in the holey land. We had to use false pretenses to roll back Iraq, but with Israel we have perfectly legitimate gripes what with their lyin', spyin', and denyin'. The war will be a cakewalk and pay for itself because of all the money we'll save on financial aid to corrupt little middle eastern "countries" with shared "values".