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News :: International
Palestine Update
25 May 2006
News, generally suppressed by US mainstream medias

Kadima MK: Jewish area of Hebron will grow, be connected to Israel: It was the first time a lawmaker has said Israel intends on retaining the volatile area, located well inside the West Bank, under Olmert's plan to unilaterally set Israel's final borders by 2008. Kadima MK Otniel Schneller, who is helping to formulate Olmert's plan, said that the Jewish neighborhoods of Hebron will be connected to the nearby settlement of Kiryat Arba, and the two communities included in Israel.

Israeli military says it is expanding four settlements in Qalqilia area: An Israeli military spokesperson says they are expanding four settlements in the northwestern West Bank area, including Oranit Settlement south of Qalqilia, built on lands of Sineria and Azzun Atma villages. Settlers dredged 86 dunams of land belonging to farmer Ahmed Mahmoud Abu Sheikh.

18,000 Palestinians in W. Bethlehem villages about to be enclosed into a 'ghetto': In West Bethlehem, between al-Khader and the villages to be isolated in a ghetto on the west side of the Wall, Israeli forces have begun building a tunnel under the settler-only road. This construction and the associated land devastation will finalize the isolation of the villages into a ghetto, completely surrounded by the Israeli Wall and isolated from the rest of Palestine.

House Vote Harms Palestine, Israel, US: "Innocent Palestinian people are being treated like animals, with the presumption that they are guilty of some crime," argues Carter, a Nobel Peace Prize winner whose involvement in the Middle East peace process has extended across three decades. Instead of checking and balancing the president's misguided approach to an election result that displeased him, Congress has added fuel to the fire.

Palestinian delegation attacked by congressman: A New York congressman is declaring partial victory in his campaign to force the Palestinian delegation to the UN to leave the US. "They should start packing their little Palestinian terrorist bags," Anthony Weiner said after the House of Representatives passed a bill banning financial aid to the Palestinian Authority.,,1782451,00.html

Interview with Prof. Norman Finkelstein: Thus Israel's position both historically and in terms of its current human rights record as that position became more indefensible; it was then (in the late 1980s and 1990s) that the charges of anti-Semitism began to be hurled with reckless abandon. Because there was no other way to respond to the charges that Israel has done and is doing. It's wrong.

'How can people live, I wonder?': Hassan al-Shafei, a 55-year-old fruit and vegetable farmer, died in hospital. His cousin, Ahmed al-Shafei, carries to the mourning tent five large pieces of shrapnel he picked up in the field. Each is more than six inches long, heavy and jagged. "Imagine this thing, so hot and fast. Just one piece would tear a person's body. It's horrible," he says.,,1782436,00.html

Study Alleging Dominant Influence of Israeli Lobby Sparks Heated Fallout: Well, the paper by the two professors, it's a very strongly argued case that U.S. foreign policy has been sort of taken into a counterproductive direction by the power of the Israel lobby, and they define the Israel lobby in very broad terms. They include not only groups like AIPAC, but Christian Zionists, neoconservatives, media monitor groups from a pro-Israel perspective, and so on.

Time for Abbas to Retire: Palestine needs strong leadership now more than ever. Abbas should either step down or be removed before the bloodshed escalates.

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Right-Wing Israel Lobby Seizes on Olmert Visit: On his maiden visit to the United States as Israel's prime minister, Ehud Olmert received a first-hand look at the political muscle of the right-wing "Israel Lobby"

West Bethlehem in Final Stages of Ghettoization: In West Bethlehem, between al-Khader and the villages to be isolated in a ghetto on the west side of the Wall, the Occupation has begun building a tunnel under the settler-only road. This construction and the associated land devastation will finalize the isolation of the villages in an unbearable ghetto.

Despite High Court ban, settlers occupy Matityahu East homes: At least two settler families moved Tuesday into apartments in a neighborhood of the West Bank settlement of Upper Modi'in that was built illegally on land belonging to the neighboring Palestinian village of Bil'in.

Settlers continue to install barbed wire around annexed Palestinian land in Tubas: The settlers are increasing the number of the olive trees planted on the stolen lands and guard dogs are being let loose in order to keep the original owners off of the land, residents said.

Bush open to Israeli plan to set border: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert prepared to address a joint session of the US Congress after winning qualified support from President George W. Bush for his scheme to set Israel's final borders unilaterally if necessary.

Minus the facts, Olmert's health offer is hypocritical: I must, reluctantly, tip my cap to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his propaganda machine for their sheer audacity. The more that Israeli troops, settlers and official occupation policies injure and kill Palestinians and make life miserable for the whole population, the more eloquently Israeli officials praise their own humanitarianism in front of the world.

Elderly Palestinian dies of heart failure after being beaten at Israeli checkpoint: Eyewitnesses reported that the soldiers refused to let Muheissin pass, despite documentation of his medical appointment and his poor state of health. According to the witnesses, after a long delay at the military checkpoint Muheissni attempted to pass through the checkpoint but the occupation soldiers punched and kicked him violently resulted in his death.

Israeli forces kill 4 Palestinians and injure 40 in major invasion of Ramallah: Sources at Sheikh Zaid Hospital in Ramallah told reporters that Israeli forces prevented ambulances from reaching the injured and dead in the midst of the invasion. It was not until Israeli forces began to withdraw that Palestinian ambulances could reach them.

World Council of Churches slams Israel: The WCC claimed a double standard was at work in the international community that favored Israel, saying, "The side set to keep its unlawful gains is garnering support from part of the international community. The side that, despairing at those unlawful gains, used legitimate elections to choose new leaders is being isolated and punished."

Study: 59 percent of J'lem residents live in post-1967 areas: Forty-four percent of the city's 413,000 residents - 182,000 people - are Jews, and 56 percent are Arabs. The Arabs living in the post-1967areas constitute 98 percent of the city's Arab population, while Jews living in those sections constitute 39 percent of the Jewish population.

Army arrests two children and imposes curfew in Howwara town: Yunis Damidi, 16, and Sanad Isma'el, 15, were arrested when troops entered the town and provoked students leaving school, local sources said. No clashes occurred but the soldiers arrested the two children anyway, and imposed a curfew on the town.

Church of Scotland wants clear labeling of settlement products: The decision by the church's General Assembly, which met in Edinburgh, came after delegates were informed that the church had no investments related to what it regards as oppression of the Palestinians.

Blockade guts PA industries that rely on exports: Export-dependent Palestinian industries such as agriculture and manufacturing have been among the sectors most affected since Israel closed its borders and the United States and the European Union imposed sanctions on the Hamas-led government. In 2005, exports from the Palestinian Authority totaled $3.4 billion, amounting to 83 percent of Gross Domestic Product, according to a report by the World Bank released in April.

Democracy Now: President Bush Embraces “Bold” Israeli Plan To Annex West Bank Settlements: President Bush condemned Hamas and said he believes a negotiated settlement could still be reached between Israel and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

ANALYSIS / George Bush wants the convergence plan too: In the press conference that followed their first round of talks, Bush warmly adopted Olmert's initiatives for an extensive withdrawal in the West Bank, terming them "bold ideas" that "could be an important step" to peace.

Time to Question 39 Years of Failed Israeli Occupation: How much longer should the United States underwrite the Israeli occupation of Palestinian Territories?

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What's New
25 May 2006
Another snoozeroony story. Hebron has had Jeeish inhabitants for 3500 years. What's the big deal? Lot's of Arabs live in Israel. Is there some human rights reason for a traditionally part of Jewish life to be Jew-free. (I know jew haters will say jews can't live in any part of Israel, but aside from silly haters, what's the problem?
Re: Palestine Update
25 May 2006
Boston has had Jewish inhaditants for quite some time. How long before it is OK for Zionists to move in, take over, steal what they can, murder anyone who resists or is just in the wrong place, and route the bereaving widows and orphans of the Zionist invasion of Boston into the wilderness??? And what would be the BIG DEAL if Zionists invaded Boston??? Anyone got any guesses???

Isn't that the same BS rationalization nazis used to invade Czechoslovakia??? Oh, germans once ruled BOhemia and moravia and there was a German Minotiry living in the Sudaten Mountains. And the pathetic Zionist propagandists use the same BS rationalizations. Hebrews were one of many invadors and occupiers of the land and there was a Jewish minority in Palestine. Well, noone had any problem seeing that Nazis were full of shit. Oh, but when Zionist propagandists use the same BS rationalizations, many braindead idiots do buy into the rationalizations. And that just showcases thier own prejudices, nothing more or less.

Lots of Palestinians live in Zionist occupied palestine. What's the problem??? Other than that Zionist occupy palestinian lands like Oscar Schindler occupied Polish lands. And calling Zionist occupied Palestine "Israel" isn't going to change that fact. Duh!
26 May 2006
The virgins are all used up. Sorry. Try Buddhism.
Re: Palestine Update
26 May 2006
We are the Chosen people of God and can do anything we like.We are superior to the goyim and all others,because God chose us to rule the world.It looks like we're doing a very good job.We have the power to get the goyim to do our dirty work in Iraq and give Israel billions of their tax dollars.The Goyim eat out of our hands.Isn't this proof we are the Chosen people of God!
Get Your Own Name: Try Yasr Arafat, It's Available
26 May 2006
I love how when the nutcakes run out of intellegent things to say, they label their rants with their opponents names. In this case, my name.
Re: Palestine Update
26 May 2006
Give ZIonists "billions of thier tax dollars"? Just how far can you see into the situation???

sure a few billion every year, but what about the yearly billions to Egypt and hundreds of millions to Jordan for appeasing Zionist occupiers of neither Egypt nor Jordan??? Yup, whore politicians of both parties also pay the Zionist crusader's tribute to Egypt and Jordan. Add those billions since they are used to buy the peace between Zionists and thier appeasers.

And what about the billions in loan guarentees??? banks around the world loan cash to Zionist crusaders and the US taxpayers end up paying the intrest. Never the principle, because Zionists want your life's saving pidgion holed in the Zionist's crusade. If Palestine where to be liberated, rich people would loose all the cash banks loaned to Zionists. So whore politicians of both major parties protect rich people by supporting ZIonist loans and the banks. banks know that if they invest in loans for Zionists, that the whore politicians will ensure that they get the intrest paid back from US taxes. A guarenteed profit for the bamks, and they would only loose thier depositor's life's saving if Palestine were liberated from the murderous thieving Zionist crusaders.

When a Zionist enabler in the US gives donations to Zionist causes, they do not pay taxes on the cash they donate. Oh, they would have paid taxes on the cash they donated if they didn't donate the cash and instead kept it themselves. And the whole left by NOT paying the taxes on the money they donate to Zionists has to be filled by other American taxpayers. They actualy end up subsidizing the donations that Zionist enabers donate to ZIonists. The whole was aboput $350 millions last year. And US taxpayers had to fill the whole left by the Zionist enablers prejudiced support of murderous thieving Zionists.
No More Tolerance
27 May 2006
Once a person learns the fundementals of reading and writing, a primary goal of language instruction is to teach and learn variety in expression. This indicates not only cognitive growth, IQ sufficiency for an age level, but an ability by the student to differentiate between gradation of values and facts. In other words, the capacity to synthesize seemingly diverse data and formulate an appropriately complex and accurate response to the stimuli.

In the cass study of the genus known as "Troll", a troublesome linguuistic behavioral pattern emerges: The adjetive phrase "murdering thieving" inevitalbly precedes the phrase "zionist". We shall not deal here with the obivious OCD aspects of Troll's fixation on "zionism". There are clear signs of pscho-sexual fears caused by some traumatic event (perhaps choking on corned beef as a young trolling?).

In any event, Troll's many friends have sought to assemble a team of physicians and counselors to address these potentially life threatening issues. He will be in safe environment, wher words like "jew", "murdering", "thieving", "zionist", "Arab" and "anti-Semite" will not be uttered or reproduced within his perceptual periphery.

We hope to restore his normal use of his frontal lobe as soon as possible. We wil keep you anti-zionists informed.

OH MY GOD! I used one of the Taboo Words! He will have another attack any moment now. We must race to him ASAP to prevent his harming himself or others.
Re: Palestine Update
27 May 2006
What an amusing tactic you use to run away run away from my rant.

Oh, it's always someone else's problem, isn't it??? It couldn't posibly be that Zionists are murderous thieves who ONLY claim to the land is that 3000 years ago, Hebrews were ALSO murderous thieves of the land. It couldn't posibly be that whore politicians have sold out America's peace by aiding murderous thieving Zionist crusaders. Oh, if anyone suggests that Hebrews being murderous thieves of the land 3000 years ago does NOT give ZIonists a birthright of murderous theft of palestinian lands, call them names. Ohhhh, slander! How impressive. It's not like ANYONE could use such vacant tactics. Only the truley gifted who know proper spelling.

And if you didn't get it, that was sarcasm. Your tactics are actualy quite pathetic and only showcase your own innability to present ANYTHING of actual substance. Keep up the shoddy work.
Help Is On The Way
27 May 2006
There you go again. "murderous thieves". you can't help it. the circuits are blocked. I am flying to the Brazil Rainforest to find some natural remedy for you. Fortunately for you I am not an environmental extremist and I will cut down or pick whatever plant the local natives I bribe tell me works.

In the meantime here's a ittle glossary you can use:

crusaders: Holy Cross; Orlando Bloom

murderous: OJ Simpson

zionists: people whose names are on the walls in
hospital lobbies
OR Brookline on a Saturday afternoon.

shoddy: funny

Be Back Soon!
Re: Palestine Update
27 May 2006
If someone were to come to your home and take your TV set god, then that person would be a THIEF. Right??? We all know that much is true, RIGHT? And if you were to try to stop the THIEF'S crime against you only for the THIEF to pull a gun and blow your brains out and still takes your survivor's TV set god, then that THIEF would be a MURDERER as well. Hence they would be a MURDEROUS THIEF. NOT a thieving murderer, but a MURDEROUS THIEF. Right? We all know that much is true too.

Zionists steal palestinian lands and murder the Palestinians who resist. That makes them, at the very least, MURDEROUS THIEVES. Some ZIonists kill Palestinians who are just in the wrong place as defined by those Zionist crusaders. They would be THIEVING MURDERERS. But since not all Zionists are THIEVING MURDERERS, I give ZIonists a break and just refer to all ZIonists as murderous thieves, rather than taking the time to separate the murderous thieves from the thieving murderers, who, in my opinion, are even worse than the Zionists who are just murderous thieves.
Re: Palestine Update
29 May 2006
If someone were to come into my home to steal my TV, they would be very disappointed, as I do not have one. Television is the opiate of the masses.