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Newswire Articles
News :: Education : Organizing : Technology
May 25th Action - Say No to DRM+Disney+Gonzales
22 May 2007
On Friday May 25th, Disney launches "Pirates of the Caribbean, at World's End",
a movie about a diverse community coming together to fight the far-reaching and
oppressive East India Trading Company to preserve their freedom-loving
lifestyle (sound kind of familiar?)., BinaryFreedom, Free Software
Foundation and Free Culture activists will be heading to the Boston Common theater (175 Tremont St) to help educate the movie-going public about the
horrendous "Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2007" as advocated by disgraced US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

we will head over to the Boston Common at
17:00. We expect to stay until around 20:00. If you know you'll be coming,
please let us know at campaigns (at)
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News :: Education
Schools Should Not Be Missions for the Empire's Wars
22 May 2007
San Diego school workers face demands to promote capital's relentless wars via a week long "Support Our Troops" surge in our classrooms. We should not collaborate in promoting children as cannon fodder. Nor should we allow a call to support troops suspend our action and criticism of capital's wars.
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Commentary :: Human Rights
The US war and occupation of Iraq--the murder of a society
21 May 2007
Modified: 09:49:54 PM
The US war and occupation of Iraq--the murder of a society
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Commentary :: War and Militarism
War Against the Phantom
21 May 2007
The Cheney formula of the terrorist world threat with its home in Iraq turns a blind eye to what American administrations habitually ignore: Iraqi nationalism.. The Islamic state of Iraq, however phantom-like, is well-suited for propagating a war in Iraq as part of the greater war against terror.
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News :: War and Militarism
Redeployment Plan for Iraq! Presidential Candidate Jack Shepard's Redeployment Plan for Iraq is the Best and Only Option
21 May 2007
Modified: 01:32:05 PM
Redeployment Plan for Iraq! Presidential Candidate Jack Shepard's Redeployment Plan for Iraq is the Best and Only Option.

“Your Plan for deploying our forces into four staging areas is an interesting one. Once again, thanks for writing and for your support. P.S. -You have an interesting website!" Please know that Secretary Gates greatly values your support and thoughtfulness"

Harold Heilsnis-AFIS-HQ/OPC
Director of Public Communications-
May 10, 2007

read email visit:


After the present surge of American soldiers is completed; I think there is a good chance to have a significant number of troops returning home when I am President.

Then the remaining American Troops should be redeployed to more secure bases to be used as a rapid strike force in support of the Iraqi military and the Iraqi police when the Iraqi Government will call for our help in limited joint actions. I have been on record as advising against a 100% return home of all of our soldiers in the after this present surge is completed it would unthinkable if you think about it in detail.

I know as a soldier that for several years we must have a small limited number of American troop remain in Iraq to be concentrated in bases that we already have; and be working only as quick reaction troops that could be called in by the Iraqi Government to aid in specific actions of our choice.

If we lose Iraq to the insurgents the reality of it like it or not, this is not Vietnam, the Vietnamese were never a threat to America or our allies. Iraq controlled by terrorists would be lethal for our allies in the Middle East.

The truth must be understood if these insurgents gain control of the Iraq Government, they will use Iraq as a staging area to attack and maybe gain control of our allies in the Middle East; Israel, Jordan, Egypt and

Like it or not we have a long term commitment to stay in Iraq. Even if we are seldom called upon to fight the Iraqi insurgents. We must remain in the background as a massive and lethal threat to guarantee 100%
against the formation of a terrorist state out of Iraq if the insurgence wins. This is nothing about a civil war, it is at this point simple about keep the control of Iraq out of the hands of terrorists.

The redeployment of our troops to relatively safe areas is so very important, even if we are very seldom use to fight in support of the Iraqi troops.

Our continued presence in remote staging areas is necessary to guarantee that the insurgence will never win control of Iraq creating a safe haven for terrorism in the heart of the Middle East with the income from billions of dollars of oil to finance their war of terrorism against America.

My planned major redeployment of American troops would get the major part of our troop off the streets. That I think would not only be safer but very much smarter because the less the Iraqi people see of our troops the more the Iraqi government can work to cool tensions between the Sunni’s and the Shiites.

After a careful study of Iraq I am proposing when the present surge of American troops is completed that
remaining America troops must be move and centred in 4 staging areas to be used as rapid responders in
immediate support of the Iraqi Police Force and Iraqi Military who will almost immediately take over all
contact and ground work with the Iraqi population.

No longer will our American troops be the target of Foreign Arab fighters, snipers and suicide bombers who presently are rushing to Iraq to kill an American.

No longer will our American troops be routinely walking the streets of Baghdad or any other city as easy
targets for any sniper driving by or any suicide bomber driving around.

When we are called and decide to be deployed to support the Iraqi troop it will be for a quick hit and run attack with a lightening speed; where the insurgents will no even know what hit them. We will shift to an
overwhelming use of force concentration in a specific small concentrated area to gain the maximum effect.
Never again will our troops be walking around like sitting ducks.

These four major staging areas in Iraq are:

Staging Area #1- Baghdad’s International Airport

Staging Area #2- Tallil AB- near Al-Nasiriyah in the South

Staging Area #3- H-1 an airstrip in the western desert

Staging Area #4- Bashur Airfield is located in Central Iraq approximately 356 kilometers North of Baghdad, & 50 kilometers Northeast of Erbil. Even though it appears as a small civilian airport we have reinforced it’s 6,700 foot long single runway.

I am advising that American troops will be not walking the street in any regular pattern. I repeat; First this
will place our troops into a much safer situation, and Second because of my redeployment plan it will create a situation where our American troops will suffer very much fewer causality but they will be available at a
moments notice to support the Iraqi troops.

We are still in Iraq, we prevent a mass civil war in the Middle East Region and we have much less causalities.This is a major shift in present policy, but I am advising that presently this is the only way to proceed in Iraq after the present surge of American Soldiers have completed their mission immediately.

If elected the next President of the United States in 2008 if my planned redeployment of our American troops fighting Iraq has not been implemented I promise to immediately implement it.

My plan will greatly reducing the causalities of our brave American troops still fighting in Iraq but still protect us and our allies in the Middle East from a most lethal Iraq controlled by terrorists.

Dr. Jack Shepard, a Candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.
Official Web site:
Contact Jack (at)

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Commentary :: Politics
21 May 2007
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Commentary :: GLBT/Queer
A new Constituional Admendment is needed.
21 May 2007
Modified: 07:29:34 AM
Sepparation of church and not to offend the 5% who are not christian. is a new Admendment needed.
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News :: War and Militarism
3 Missing US Soldiers victims of CIA?
20 May 2007
This is just another false flag,dirty tricks operation by the CIA !
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LOCAL News :: Human Rights
Frivolous Lawsuit Aimed at Ethnic Intimidation
20 May 2007
Realizing that few Americans could care less where the Islamic Society of Boston obtained their mortgage, Cohen discussed creating suspicion by using vague language to question the mosque’s non-criminal foreign “connections.”
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News :: International : Labor : Organizing : Politics : Technology : War and Militarism
Longshore Workers Honor Picket Line, Shut Down War Cargo Shipper in Oakland
20 May 2007
oaklandportpicket070519a.jpgThis can be an important first step toward the mobilization of workers power to shut down the war machine, but that requires a sharp struggle against the bourgeois politics of the antiwar groups and union officialdom. The OEA calls for money for schools not for war, as if it were a matter of budget priorities, and the PAC poster made a social-patriotic pitch to “Bring the Troops Home Now, and give them the care they need.” Such “peace is patriotic” rhetoric is a staple of the UPFJ, but all the antiwar coalitions make similar appeals to garner support from Democratic Party liberals. Revolutionaries and class-conscious workers, in contrast, emphasize that this imperialist war must be opposed by class war.
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