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Newswire Articles
News :: Globalization : International : Media : Politics : War and Militarism
Battle of Baghdad Cover-Up Four Years Later (Links)
03 Apr 2007
Captain Eric May, leader and founder of Ghost Troop, is back with two new interviews! Please check out the following links.
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Commentary :: Human Rights
The Unearthing: An Awakening Has Arrived
03 Apr 2007
People are waking up and its gong to get ugly!!
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Commentary :: War and Militarism
War on Iran and Responsibilities of a People
03 Apr 2007
Modified: 03:21:19 PM
I wrote this as the Introduction chapter to my book "Prisoners of the Cave" in 2003 - almost exactly 4 years ago as the bombing of Iraq was underway and the American peoples were mesmerized by the "shock and awe" of a defenseless civilization on their television screens. Is another one about to commence on another defenseless nation - Iran? How relevant is this introduction today after all that has been disclosed over the past 4 years? Are the voices that are actually heard in the American mainstream only to be of those wearing the distinguished garb of "scholarship" lining the streets of Washington DC and the well walked hallways of the Ivys? When will the voices of the ordinary peoples themselves be allowed to inform the ordinary peoples? After all, it is us who are the ultimate enablers of "shock and awe", and also us who pay the heavy price. It is indeed only our profound complicity through our uncourageous silence and inaction that bestows the unspeakable power on the minority of opinion makers and the handful of hectoring hegemons which in turn enables them to send America's sons and daughters to new heights of barbarism while visiting the munificence of their high-tech "shock and awe" upon defenseless human beings. How can a civilization claiming to be a "populist democracy" permit such "imperial mobilizations"? Did "Good Germans" only live in Germany?
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Commentary :: War and Militarism
America's Profound Shame
03 Apr 2007
Excerpt from the Preface to the book "Prisoners of the Cave" to be available shortly at
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Commentary :: War and Militarism
Full text of Introducing Palestine, Peace not Apartheid
03 Apr 2007
An unreview of distinguished former American President Jimmy Carter's book. Why I don't plan to read it until the former President kindly responds to my rather straightforward Open letter on the subject - which I also faxed to the Carter Center as well as to his Press Secretary - and offers some clarification. This book is indeed a very courageous and unusual voice of an American President, but why did it not go all the way? What is not stated is more meaningful than what is stated, which is already visible to all and sundry in the world - except of course in America. But what is unstated by this courageous man remains also pusillanimously unstated in the entire Western Hemisphere. WHY??? And now the "representative" Palestinian leadership, I am told, has accepted Eretz-Yisraelis demands of even relinquishing their right of return! To this egregious state of affairs, only a bold and truthful voice of a distinguished former American President could have stood up - why did it not? Indeed, his camp is so overrun by the Zionists, that 14 scholars resigned in protest to his book! Anyone else requires further proof of co-optation of all illustrious leaders of this nation - even those who dare to tell a "partial truth"? Why are/were there so many Zionist exponents in the Carter Center? Why are there so many Zionist exponents in the President Bush Administration? Why is Zion running America? Why is the American public tolerating the sacrfice of their sons and daughters, of their nation, of their foreign policies, of their goodwill, for Zion? All essays and open letters cited in this "unreview" can be read on
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News :: Globalization : International : Media : Politics : War and Militarism
Battle of Baghdad Cover-Up Four Years Later
03 Apr 2007
Interview With
Ghost Troop Commander
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Commentary :: War and Militarism
Locals Protest Vulture Capitalists and the Iraqi War
03 Apr 2007
On March 19, 2007, the Baltimore City Council unanimously approved a Resolution condemning the Iraqi War, the lies that got us into it, George W. Bush’s insane “Surge,” and demanded the troops be “safely” withdrawn from that conflict. On that same night, a Peace Rally was held at St. Vincent de Paul RC Church. The Rev. Heber Brown III said: “It’s time for us to raise hell for peace in our churches.” The event was sponsored by the local UPJ group.
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Announcement :: Human Rights : Organizing : Politics : War and Militarism
-- A Modest Proposal Concerning A Proper Use For High C --
03 Apr 2007
Or, How we can Fight the Good Fight, Vanquish Darkness, Play the Trumpet, and Win the Revolution without firing a shot...
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Review :: Technology
Michael Moore Rethinks Bowling for Columbine: were antidepressants the cause of the massacre?
03 Apr 2007
the massacre?

The two kids who committed the massacre, one was on Luvox, a prozac class antidepressant
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News :: Environment
MASINT -- looking in your house for jorge
02 Apr 2007
This is what a lot of the UAV aerosol spraying is about

Total info awareness indeed....notice the part about plasmas, directed energy weapons, and specific technical sensors...ionized plasmas are active auroras -- that means gigantic airbone antennae (among the many different Airborne Platforms required to deploy the vaticans prison technology in Amerikkka)
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