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Newswire Articles
Announcement :: Politics
A Petition To Ask Rumsfeld To Resign
03 Jan 2005
About 52% of Americans currently disapprove of Rumsfeld. Let's give the GOP a black eye, and see how much we can snowball this. Let's get 2 million signatures!

Sign this, and pass the link on to all your friends!
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News :: Politics
Bush - Fraternity President and Beyond
03 Jan 2005
President Bush was a Fraternity you know what that means?
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Announcement :: Organizing
Bush should be Impeached & Indicted, Not Inaugurated!
03 Jan 2005
Bush should be
Impeached & Indicted,
Not Inaugurated!
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Commentary :: Labor
The System: Capitalism and its Role in American Society’s Plunge into the Abyss
03 Jan 2005
commentary and analysis on capitalism's devastating role in american society
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News :: Politics
Who will stand for democracy? Kerry? No way! Robert Byrd? Hmmm...
03 Jan 2005
Urge the senior senator to stand in defense of democracy once again and refuse to certify the recent "election"
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Announcement :: Politics ~ New Years Update
02 Jan 2005
News Update: Cobb recount, Conyers, Moss vs. Bush
Protests, Rallies, Marches! Jan. 3, Jan. 4-6
Massive public drive to contact Senators before Jan. 6
Mitofsky exit poll data?
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Announcement :: International
Aussies May Target Bank
02 Jan 2005
The recent tragedy in South Asia has revealed the ugly face of Capitalism, specifically the behaviour of Australian banks in not waiving their parasitic fee imposition on financial donations to the victims of the tsunami disaster. Let it be known where their priorities lie. The Banks needed to be prompted to display some humanitarian sympathy.
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News :: Labor
TSUNAMI : PR stunt of Sonia Gandhi at Relief Camps
02 Jan 2005
TSUNAMI : PR stunt of Sonia Gandhi at Relief Camps .. SHAME TO YOU SONIA GANDHi

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Announcement :: Organizing
Must! Do NOW !-1 Focus 1 Mission 1 Goal 1 RESULT=NewVote by J20
02 Jan 2005
Modified: 02:57:11 PM
HOW DARE THEE? Democracy IS Deliberatley Criminally, Hastily being frog-marched to the GallOWs. Adding insult to injury it's Horribly OutRageous that, Insidiously it is and OFFICIAL State-Secret! The powers that be have coldly calculated that America and Americans will lie to themselves, tell themselves lies and Live with a Lie. For the most part they may be right, many are physically & emotionally energy-sapped, distracted, conTrolled, apathetic, demoralized and even Zombified. Many millions though, are ascending to that MounTain Top where the view is so grand, omnicient and the scent wafting from the grounds of our election system, smells FOUL with falseness, fraud and an unholy alliance of corporations, judges and elected? officials AND money twisting, unsportsmanlike a process requiring fairness, transparency, integrity into an abomination- a crime syndicate having undue control of the Public and Human right to Vote. The basic Way to petition Our Servant, elected governments, for a redress of grievances. This Liberty Lover has written a Paul Revere-esque chain letter, a powerful invocation to Clot the Bleeding Wound inflicted by a felonius assault on Democracy. We will NOT or canNot Live within a comfortable, despicable LIE. If you say it's crazy to expect a NewVote, take your lazy negativeness over to Ukraine, the real loser over there needs supprters. You know whats crazy, Bush's approval rating hac been at 48%-for months, 50% of 118million voters is 59mil, partisan claims of 60.7mil are being bandied about in the cuckoos-nest money-motivated manipulated Media.48% =56.6mil! It's ENABLING to Allow the habitual theft to happen over and over. Whats really crazy is snuffing out the life of an 180-pound Human with a 500-pound missile! (excerpt); America faces an apocalyptic moment. On November 2nd, at least thirty three million Americans (John Conyers estimates more than half of all who voted) lost their right to vote; their votes are indeterminate since they cannot be verified by hand count! This is an amazing and historically disastrous fact! Most of us were forced to vote on computers lacking paper evidence of who we voted for. Can any election be more than a sham under such a condition? Even worse, our votes could have been secretly and invisibly changed to favor George Bush or other Republican congressional candidates by the Republican owned business entities that secretly counted them. And all this after publicly promising their Republican associates they'd win! The bottom line: we really cannot know which Congressman, Senator or President was actually elected on November 2, for the vote-counting was able to be secretly and privately manipulated and then blocked from audit because there were no paper trails required. Thus, the entire national election of November 2 was fundamentally and uncorrectably flawed! Below is a letter I'm sending to one hundred non-profit organizations who represent the best of America's thinkers and doers. I'm asking them to be the Paul Reveres of this country and save us from the corporations now in control attempting to turn America into the largest, most powerful fascist nation the world has ever experienced. The American people don't want that. They abhor it and won't stand for it. I urge each of you to spread this letter as far and as wide as you can. It is a matter of life and death. The life of a democracy that began the 4th of July 1776 but which will die on January 20th 2005 unless we demand and achieve a new, honest election before that date. The People are Coming! The People are Caring! The People are CaaaaRRRinG! LET FREEDOM RING! Let My People GO!
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Commentary :: Politics
The Great Crime Spree of 2004L Your Government At Work
02 Jan 2005
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