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Newswire Articles
News :: Organizing
Online occupation of the White House today!
29 Aug 2004
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Commentary :: Organizing
A Critique of Anarchism
29 Aug 2004
I recently received a letter from Pete Stidman saying "you have to rationally point out the faults of anarchist ideology." He is so right. Here are the faults of anarchist ideology:

Anarchy is the system of government whereby there is no rule. Anarchy violates the rule of excluded middle. Therefore anarchy is absurd. One cannot have a government with no rule. To govern is to rule. Redefined, Anarchy is "to have no system of government." Which is impossible.

In the absence of a system of government, man will be left to his devices. Left to his devices, man would act individually, would form little cooperatives perhaps, but OOPS, those are systems of govenrment. These would be overthrown by gangsters and bullies (organizations and individuals), which would necessitate the anarchists fighting back. If the fighting back were disorganized, the anarchists would lose, since organized fighting squads are superior in strength and tactics to small disorganized mobs of unruly slobs.

Which would again necessitate forming an organized governing body in the anarchists, out of self defense.

Anarchy is therefore a worthless ideology, since it requires that we form something formless, and then defend it against the many different forms which naturally arise.

This ideology is found mostly among high school age students who are in open rebellion against their parents. Most people grow out of it when they assume the responsibilities of adulthood. Many people never assume the responsibilities of adulthood. It is a lie to call this an activist ideology, since in trying to maintain itself as a formless blob, it is necessarily reactive.

Realization of this point is forestalled by hanging around other anarchists and reinforcing the belief, but this too is a form of government by ideological consensus. Preservation of ideology is a form of government as it seeks to change the natural order and replace it with beliefs. Anything which opposes a government is another form of government. When it is not, it just disorganized mess issuing an animalistic complaint. Herd and pack mentality. Government for dogs and swine.
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News :: DNC : Human Rights : Organizing
Will The Green Party Become Zionist-Occupied Territory Too?
29 Aug 2004
Will the Green Party become Zionist-occupied territory too? It will if Gerald A. Gerash of the L.A. Green Party has anything to do with it -- complete with Zionist mudslinging and character assassination against anyone who ever dares to criticize Israel or its ethnochauvinistic state ideology -- and, of course, complete with the usual promiscuous charges of "anti-Semitism".
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News :: Labor
Greenspan Sounds Alert on Social Security
29 Aug 2004
THERE WILL BE NONE FOR YOU!! For at least the fourth time this year, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan issued his warning that the White House and Congress need to come up quickly with a plan to trim the Social Security and Medicare benefits that 77 million baby boomers are scheduled to receive when they retire.
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News ::
Statistics tell a different story for the stray dogs of Athens
29 Aug 2004
Forget the medal count for the Olympic Games continuously being revised for positive drug tests. When it comes to the stray dogs of Athens…the numbers don’t add up either.
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LOCAL News :: Environment
8/29 Tenant/Housing News- Tenants Face Eviction For Refusing To Eat
29 Aug 2004
Modified: 08:09:07 AM
Landlord Evicts Tenants That Refuse To Eat Greasy Food After Complaining Of Getting Sick!
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Commentary :: Organizing
Random Resistance - Taking Decentralization to Its Limits
29 Aug 2004
What Are You Waiting For?
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News :: Organizing
Protest and Resistance
28 Aug 2004
To protest is to speak out against, to let it be known that you do not like a certain action of another.

To protest is an act of intellectual commitment. It is to say, “Sir, I protest” when you are slapped in the face…

To protest is to play a game. You go to a demonstration, listen to speeches, wave signs, and go home to see if you got on television.

There are many toys in the game of protest.

There is a picket line. Originally a picket line was formed by striking workers to keep strikebreakers out. If anyone tried to cross that picket line, the strikers tried to kill him. Today you get a permit from the police to picket…

There is no protest if permission must be sought and rules abided by. WE have allowed the form that our protest takes to be defined for us by those we protest against. Thus, our protest is drained of its power because we do not have the power to make our protest effective.
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LOCAL Commentary :: Human Rights
The God/Called Liberty`s Still In Her Cradle
28 Aug 2004
Modified: 04:16:24 PM
Since the Pope`s 1979 U.N.General Assembly speech about My "Calling"and Fulfillment of the Native Prophecy of Liberty;this presidency of Amerika;the clergy(both black and white),self-appointed civil rights leaders;and grossly illiterate citizens,have tried to kill Me with their lies and suppression,I charge attempted "deicide".
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Commentary :: DNC
More wasted lives: US faces another stalement in Iraq, this time in Najaf
28 Aug 2004
After needlessly provoking an armed conflict with al-Sadr’s militia in Najaf, the U.S. is forced to back down again as in Fallujah, leaving more American soldiers pointlessly dead and wounded, and Iraqis angrier than before.
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